Rohendel Skill Potion

  • The prerequisites involve completing this daily below 7 times and 5 hidden yellow quests. 

  • If yellow quests don't appear for you, try doing all yellow quests in the map first.

  • If you're having trouble figuring it out after all of this, visit 

Daily Quest

1st Hidden Yellow Quest

  • Interact with the book in the 1st picture, then go to the area in the 2nd picture.


2nd Hidden Yellow Quest

  • Kill any monsters in the area for a quest item drop. Complete the quest.

3rd Hidden Yellow Quest

  • Pick up a hidden object in the area and complete the quest.

4th Hidden Yellow Quest

  • Interact with the bookcase and then complete the quest.

5th Hidden Yellow Quest

  • Complete all yellow quests in the area if you don't see the hidden object.

  • Complete the quest after.

6th Yellow Quest

  • After all 5 quests are done, this yellow quest will appear.

Skill Potion Quest

  • After all prerequisites are done, you will see a purple quest located here. 

  • The quest will then require you to kill a boss in the last dungeon 3 times.

  • After you've killed the boss 3 times, return here to get your reward.

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