Guardian Raid T4-1: Heavy Nakra

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Recommended Team Setup


Heavy Impairment

Recommended Weapon

Earth Weapon

Recommended Items

Corrosion Bomb | Grey Bomb | Grey Shuriken | Blue Shuriken (Optional)

Recommended Runes

Lightning Resistance | Paralyze Immunity | Insect Damage

Recommended Engravings

Vital Strike (+10% Neutralization Effect) (On Warlords/Destroyers)

General Battle Mechanics

  • Heavy Armor Nakrasena introduces some new mechanics.

  • When you first knock the boss, you must throw use destruction on the tail to break the tail armor.

  • You must reach a destruction level of 6 to break the armor. 3 grey bombs work and/or skills as well.

  • If you miss the first opportunity, you will be able to break it the next time you knock the boss.

  • After you have broken the tail armor, you will be able to cut the tail the next knockdown.

  • Unlike above, shurikens will not go through the body or the wall.

  • You must reach a cutting level of 12 to cut the tail.

  • You may use a corrosion bomb and 4 grey shurikens to cut the tail, or 4 blue shurikens.

  • After the tail is cut, the boss will be unable to use certain moves. After it TPs, you will do this all over again.

  • Experienced players would just not cut the tail because the boss would never TP away if it wasn't cut.

  • Periodically, Heavy Nakra will go through powerup charging phases as indicated below in the video.

  • You will see an electric charge starting near his tail going down to the center.

  • Each electric charge that reaches the center powerups the boss up to a max of 3 powerups.

  • Each powerup gives Nakrasena access to more moves.

  • To interupt these powerup phases, you must use your impairment skills on the boss.

  • A successful impairment during this phase does not count as a natural knock for bomb or cut.

  • The boss takes less damage during this charging phase until it finishes or gets back up from the break.

  • If an electric charge has reached his center, he keeps his powerup even after you impair him.

  • This counter carries over to the next powerup phase up to a maximum of 3 powerups.

  • On his 3rd successful electric charge, he will use an AoE outwards.

  • If you know you won't be able to break the 3rd charge in time, just run away.

  • After this, he will no longer do anymore of his powerup phases. This resets after TP.

1st Powerup Moves


  • There is a charging sound made when the boss will use this move.
  • Do not run in the same direction as other players because you might get other players caught.


  • Same telegraph as the powerup move. Easily dodgeable.

Upgraded Side Claw

  • His side claw swipe is upgraded. He gathers an electric charge at his claw then swings it to the side.

2nd Powerup Moves


  • Does the drums/bongos before calling down lightning AoE.
  • Unlike T2 Nakra, the safe spot for T4 Nakra is directly behind the bosses' hind legs.

3rd Powerup Moves


  • Burrows into the ground and spawns 5 scorpions. The boss doesn't chase you.
  • Recommended method of dealing with the scorpions is running together to the left or right.
  • This gives you a wider view and lets you gather them up so you can AoE them all down.
  • If you don't kill the scorpions in time, they will eventually have an electric AoE surrounding themselves.
  • Getting hit by these will chain paralyze and damage you.

Upgraded Bongos

  • Same telegraph as regular bongos. Only addition is that 8 electric AoE's are spawned.
  • Same safe spot as regular bongos.

General Moveset

Tail Swipe

  • Wider range than T2 Nakrasena. 
  • The initial tail slam in the middle staggers.
  • The swipe afterwards knocks you back. The CC can be avoided by spacing into the swipe or out of it.


  • The boss may do a pair of breaths, or back to back breaths.
  • Getting hit by these breaths apply a slow stack and burns most of your mana.


  • The boss can rush forward twice or once.
  • If doing it twice, the boss will raise its claws up after finishing the first charge and then charge again.
  • At the end of the 2nd charge, the boss will jump up and deal damage at landing location.

  • Charge one time.

  • Warlords can cancel the charge by taunting.

Front Tail Slam

  • The frontal tail slam follows the aggroed target. The boss may use it twice in a row.
  • Can be dodged by running to the side if your MS is high enough.
  • If not fast enough, can be dodged at the last second by using your space bar.

Side Tail Slam

  • The boss tilts to the side before bringing down his tail to the other.


  • Leaps, does a somersault and lands at another location.


  • Same as T2 Nakrasena.

Claw Crush

  • Same as T2 Nakrasena.

Side Claw Swipe

  • Same as T2 Nakrasena.

Frontal Claw Swipe

  • Same as T2 Nakrasena.


  • Instead of staggering you like T2 Nakrasena, this will knock you down.

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