GR T5-1: Dark Yoho

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup


Heavy Neutralization

4 Player Item Loadout Minimum

Beginner Bomb | Grey Shuriken

Optional Items

Penetration Bomb | Destruction Bomb | Blue Shuriken

Utility Items

Corrosion Bomb | Awakening Potion | Whirlwind Bomb | Molotovs

Item Loadout

  • Usually if your team has enough damage, you kill the boss before you can even do a 3rd knock.

  • Any type of penetration, destruction, or cut effect works on the tail. Shurikens require line of sight.

  • The whirlwind bombs are optional.

  • If your team does not have enough neutralization for the 3rd phase, you may consider using these.

  • If not, slot other optional items.

  • The bard may consider bringing the awakening pot for an emergency heal.

  • If you are bringing one of the utility items, replace the two grey items for a blue bomb or blue shuriken.

Recommended Runes

60% Dark Resistance | 100% Imprison Immunity

Recommended Engravings

Heavy Armor | Goddess's Protection | Urgent Rescue (Bard Class Engraving)

General Battle Mechanics

  • There are 4 phases to this boss. The 2nd phase begins after the 1st teleport. 3rd after 2nd teleport. 

  • 4th after 3rd teleport. Each phase adds different mechanics. 

  • Yoho starts with 3 tails, and adds 2 tails every phase.

  • During the 4th phase, you will be able to break its tail after you knock it. 

  • Any destruction, penetration, or cut skill works on the tail, and any type of bomb or shuriken will work too. 

  • You need 100% imprison immunity for the 4th phase.

  • Dark Yoho is arguably more difficult for melee because of how hard the tail swipes hit for. 

  • After you know the conditions for when he uses her tail swipes, it becomes much easier.

  • The boss will do random light bombardments as the battle occurs with no telegraph. 

  • The light colored ones appear during the 3rd phase and deal 1-2k damage and don't knock down. 

  • The random blue ones start during the 4th phase. Those knock down.

1st Phase Mechanic: Ring

  • During the battle, Dark Yoho spreads 5 orbs in a circle. 

  • You must use space or use a super armor skill to get out of the circle.

  • Just walking through it won't work as it will pull you back in. 

  • If you fail to get out of the circle by the time it ends, you get transformed into a fox for 20 seconds.

2nd Phase Mechanic: Beads

  • The beads spread out from Yoho instead of circling. Only 5 beads spread out at any one given time. 

  • The locations where they spawn change every time. 

  • The easiest way to not get hit by these beads is to stand up close and figure out where they won't spawn. 

  • If you get hit by 3 of these beads, you will turn into a fox.

3rd Phase Mechanic: Break

  • Yoho charges for a short duration. You must use neutralization skills to knock Yoho. 

  • Use whirlwind bombs if your team is low on neutralization. 

  • If you succeed, she drops ether buffs which increase movement speed. 

  • If you fail, the entire team turns into a fox.

  • After the break, Yoho will do either a circle swipe, back tail swipe or side tail swipe.

4th Phase Mechanic: Tail Cut + Darkness

  • Once you get to the 4th phase, the boss receives reduced damage. 

  • You do more damage every time Yoho loses more tails.

  • Use as much neutralization as possible so you can knock the boss and cut its tail.

  • After the break, Yoho will do either a circle swipe, back tail swipe or side tail swipe.
  • During the battle, Yoho's color palette will change into one of those generic galaxy desktop wallpapers. 

  • This is signaled by an animation and sound.

  • 10-20 seconds after, Yoho will scream and go up into the air. You must run away. 

  • The best option is to climb up vines, which will make you dodge all her tornado attacks that follow up. 

  • If it's not the closest available option you can run away as far as possible behind a wall.

  • Be aware that tornadoes do travel across the same elevation. Walls can block tornadoes.

  • Jumping over platforms makes you invincible so be sure to do that to be 100% safe

General Moveset

Clone Spawns

  • This move mimics the attack windup for circle swipes.

  • Yoho summons two clones of her human form. They deal decent chip damage, around 1k or so. 

  • They drop two heavy armor ether buffs on death. You can stack up to 3 of the buffs for reduced damage.

Circle Swipe

  • The boss will raise its right leg and look backwards before doing a circle swipe. 

  • The boss only does this attack during the 1st and 2nd phase. It won't during the 3rd and 4th.

  • If the boss does the same telegraph again right after, it will be a clone spawn.

  • If the boss looks like it will do the circle swipe again, it will always be the no damage spawn clones one.

  • The boss will not do 2 circle swipes in a row.

Side Tail Swipe

  • The boss will look either right or left before tail swiping in that direction.

  • After this move, consider it a good time to use close range attacks. 

  • Yoho will bend her head down and raise its tail before doing a back tail swipe.

  • After this move, consider it a good time to use close range attacks.

Sky Drop

  • There is a clear indication who Dark Yoho will target with this attack. 

  • He will turn towards the aggroed target before going up into the air and dropping. 

  • Here in the video, he turns in the general direction of the left side.


  • No damage backstep.

1st Phase Moveset


  • The boss will arch its head up and scream. 

  • After it screams it will do a circle swipe and summons a clone that does the same thing in front of it.

Flash | Charge | Pounce

  • The boss will turn its head towards an aggroed target before using one of three moves. 

  • The first type is a flash.

  • The second type is a charge.

  • The third type is a pounce.


  • Turns toward a target and does a stomp.

2nd Phase Moveset (Inherits 1st Phase Moveset)

Upgraded Scream Version 1

  • The boss will arch its head up and scream. 

  • After it screams it will do a circle swipe and summons 4 clones who do the same attack. 

  • Easiest way to avoid is to dash into the boss after the initial scream and circle swipe.

Teleports (2 Types)

  • Targets a player and teleports on top of him, afterwards uses a flash in the direction of the player.

  • Targets a player and teleports on top of him,  afterwards pounces in the direction of the player.

Fireballs (3 Types)

  • Archs her head up and uses fireballs that spread in all directions. 

  • Aggros a player and turns her head before throwing a fireball at target location.

  • A flame AoE appears on the ground at location and disappears after a while.

  • Targeted double fireballs.

3rd Phase Moveset (Inherits 2nd Phase Moveset)

Upgraded Scream Version 2

  • The boss will arch its head up and scream. 

  • After it screams it will do a circle swipe and summon 4 clones diagonal from the boss.

  • They will do a pounce attack.

  • You can dash into the boss after the initial circle swipe to avoid both versions.

Targeted Quadruple Fireballs

  • The boss will turn towards a target and launch two pairs of targeted fireballs at the person. 

  • You can change the direction where you walk after the initial 2 fireballs.

  • Generally, if you know you're being targeted, don't run in the direction of other players.


  • Turns her head towards a player before doing the attack. 

  • A targeted rainfall appears on the player periodically up to 3 in addition to the random ones.


  • Like normal yoho.

Upgraded Stomp

  • Double stomp.

Combo Dashes (4 Types)

  • Turns her head towards a player. Flash into pounce.

  • Turns her head towards a player. Flash into flash.

  • Turns her head towards a player. Charge into pounce.

  • Turns her head towards a player. Charge into flash.

4th Phase Moveset (Inherits 3rd Phase Moveset)
Upgraded Fireball Flame AoEs
  • Instead of one fireball being used, multiple fireballs are thrown out that create AoE flames. 
  • She will bend her head down for the fireballs that create AoEs.

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