Lutheran Royal Ship 루테란 왕실 무역선

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  • This ship spawns around various islands like Lopang, Lighthouse, Toto, and other east sea islands. It is random in each channel.

  • They also sell the ship upgrading material you need to upgrade your ship from level 4 to level 5. The ship upgrade material (1st image, 3rd item down) is random on spawn. 

  • Masterpiece #39 can be bought here.

  • There is a selectable ship design (Estoc, Fujin, Bakstrom, Pneuma, Brahms). Purple one costs 100 pirate coins, legendary one costs 500 pirate coins.

  • You may also buy a purple pirate coin or legendary pirate coin for 500/1000 pirate coins.

  • The sailor the ship sells is also random.
Locate Nearest Marine Life Sailor | Locate Nearest Treasure Salvage Node Sailor

Reduce Fishing Luck Use by (6) Sailor

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