Guardian Raid T3-1: Levanos

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Recommended Team Setup



Recommended Weapon

390 ilvl Fire Elemental Weapon (Extra Damage vs Levanos)

Recommended Items

Beginner Bomb

Optional Items

Corrosion Bomb | Destruction Bomb | Penetration Bomb | Molotov

Recommended Runes

Earth Resistance

General Battle Mechanics

  • Levanos has the same armor mechanics as Chromanium.

  • Destruction and penetration both work on Levanos, but penetration skills are less consistent.

  • Unless you're using penetration skills at the right angle, it won't affect the boss at all.

  • The boss's armor break animation is shown below.

  • The boss will periodically try to regenerate it's armor. The animation is below.
  • You must impair the boss during this time or else you will have to break its armor all over again.
  • At around 30% health, the boss will turn red and start Phase 2. 
  • The boss also regains its armor back so you must break its armor again.
  • A possible recovery move from an armor break, full knockdown, or core kill is shown below.
  • This is one of the bosses normal moves, but he is likely to use it after a core kill.
  • The boss will periodically summon up to 4 cores. You must kill these cores ASAP.
  • The core will usually teleport to another place after spawn.
  • Prenerf KR, the boss would usually TP during the 3rd core because teams could not kill the core in time.
  • I doubt that will be the case in RU. If the boss does TP away, you have to break its armor again.
  • You may want to use molotovs on these cores but again, I doubt that will be needed on RU.
  • The cores have mini versions of the bosses attacks, which are shown below.

Moveset (1st Phase - Above 30% Health)

Whirlwind (2 Types)

  • This is a move that is the most dangerous for unprepared players.
  • The telegraph is distinct and easily recognizable. 
  • The boss will raise its arms in the air and bring them down quickly before doing the attack.
  • This second type of whirlwind has almost the same telegraph, but the boss does it a lot slower.
  • The boss will then use whirlwind while moving forward.


  • The sound the boss makes for this move is very distinct. The boss will raise its arm up high for this attack.
  • The AoE's appear around an aggroed target.
Ghost Jets
  • Hard to describe the telegraph for this move but you will get used to it after a while.
  • It's also telegraphed by 4 blue spawn points that center at the boss.
  • The animation for this move is fairly slow. You will have ample time to notice the move.
  • After a short while, AoE's will come falling down.
Smash (2 Types)
  • Raises its arms before bringing them down to attack the front.
  • Almost the same telegraph as the previous move, but will do a huge frontal AoE cone as well.
Backstep (3 Types)
  • The boss has 3 possible followup attacks to its backstep ability.
  • The first possible is bombardment.
  • The second possible follow up is the smash frontal AoE cone.
  • The third possible is a moving whirlwind.
  • Summons 3 flames. Standing in them causes damage.

Moveset (2nd Phase - Below 30% Health)


  • RU will most likely have the nerfed cage move where the cage radius is large and very forgiving.
  • Players trying to exit the cage will be pulled back inside and take damage.
  • The cage will wear off after a while.

Upgraded Ghost Jets

  • During the 2nd phase, the ghost jets spawn away from the center of the boss.


  • The boss can place down snares during the 2nd phase.

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