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Source: Reitear

Table of Contents:
0. GvG Videos
1. Recommended Items, Runes, and Classes
2. General Information
3. Guild GvG Skills
  • This video shows some of my first GvGs with my guild in Korea. It shows the basics of how GvG works.

  • The "shotcalling", if you can call it that, was improved in future GvGs.

  • I clearly see mistakes in hindsight, like saying go to B in the first minute when it clearly doesn't spawn.

  • Please don't flame me :).

  • Only the 2 Soulmasters and Hawkeye were ilvl 520+ in the video, and as a result carried most of the game.

  • The PoV in this video is from one of the Soulmasters.

  • This is a more updated 8v8 GvG video of some random Koreans.

  • 16v16 by ABC.

1. Recommended Items


  • The invisibility pot makes you invisible for 10 seconds. It wears off prematurely if you get hit.

  • You can use this pot to go into the enemy backline and cast a huge DH ult or cast a ninja SM Ult.

  • Alternatively, you can use it while capping a point and not break invisibility.

  • Unlike Robe of Disguise, you don't lose invisibility when you cast a skill or interact with anything.

  • For bombs, you can bring either an Earth Bomb, Stun Bomb, or Cold Bomb

  • Stun Bombs and Cold Bombs can be resisted by runes, while Earth Bomb can't be.

  • Earth Bombs are more useful for more prolonged fights, rather than killing ASAP with Stun/Cold Bombs.

  • You can bring a panacea to remove these debuffs. If not, just bring rocket boots.

Recommended Runes

100% Stun Immunity + Select Other Immunities + Human Dmg

Recommended Classes


2. General Information

  • There are multiple GvG battlefields. There are 16v16, 8v8, and 4v4 battlefields.

  • The non-normalized GvGs are separated by Guild Rating. Gear matters and you can use items here.

  • There are 2 separate 8v8's for Guild Rating 1300 and below. 1301 and above are for 16v16. No 4v4.

  • The normalized GvGs are not separated by rating and any guild can participate. No items allowed.

  • GvG's work by a point system. Capturing a battlefield objective and getting kills are ways to get points.

  • A kill on another player with no recent kills is worth 1 point.

  • A player who has a kill streak going will be worth more points. GO FOR THESE PEOPLE.

  • A kill streak ended can be worth a capture point or more.

  • In the video above, you see the SM ending multiple kill streaks.

  • You can see who is worth more points by checking the scoreboard during the GvG.

3. Guild Skills
  • You may bring in several guild skills which are listed below.

  • The power of these skills depend on the research level of your guild.

  • In the 2nd GvG video linked, there is a guild mana bar for usage of these skills.

  • Use the skills wisely and sparingly.

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Source: Reitear
Pictures by: Sosori
1. Conquest Battlefield

  • The capture areas are A, B, and C. You must interact with these points to gain points.

  • A and C both give 30 points each, while B gives 70 Points. The 1st Point B does not spawn until 8:40.

  • On the scoreboard, points that are currently being captured are indicated by the blue bar under the points.

  • It's been a while so I've forgotten the respawn timers, but Point B respawns much slower than A and C.

  • You can see the cooldown of each point on the top scoreboard. In the picture, C still has 66% left to go.

  • There are 6 party buffs that spawn on the map. 4 of them are AP/Def Buffs. 2 are Healing AoEs.

  • The Party AP/Def Buffs spawn in the corners. The person who obtains the buff gets a circle on himself.

  • Only party members who are in the circle get the buff. The other 4 in your 8v8 will not.

  • An example of the circle buff is shown below.

  • The healing AoE's work the same way as the AP/Def Buff, except the circle is now green.

  • There are 4 red buffs that spawn on the map that only increase your own AP.

2. Domination Battlefield

  • There is only one capture point in the middle.

  • I'm not 100% certain, but if I recall correctly, the middle point is worth 70 points. Feel free to flame.

  • The 2 Party AP/Def Buff spawns above and below the middle point.

  • The 2 Healing AoE spawn to the sides of the middle points.

  • The 4 Red Buffs spawn in the 4 corners.

3. Defensive Battlefield

  • The capture points are to the sides. Each team have 2 capture points they must defend from the enemy.

  • While also defending these points, to get points you must go to the other side to attack to get points.

  • The 2 Party AP/Def Buff spawns above and below the middle point.

  • The 2 Healing AoE spawn to the sides of the middle points.

  • The 4 Red Buffs spawn in the bushes just like the ones in Conquest.

4. 16v16 Battlefield

  • The first way to win is to get the most points by 20 minutes. 

  • The second way is to destroy the opposing team's Sylmael Statue.

  • In the middle of the battlefield, you may summon mechs to pilot and push the enemy team.

  • You want to then push and destroy the gate guardian statues before you are able to destroy the gate.

  • After destroying the gate, you must destroy the Sylmael Guardian Statues.

  • After this is done, then you are able to destroy the Sylmael Statue shown below.

  • The red arrows in the map are passages as shown below.

  • You may pick up Sylmael Cores at the supply crates to help defend against the enemy.

  • The cannons on the map act like the cannons you see on Volare Island. Ammo at supply crates.

  • This video shows the 16v16 battlefield by ABC (AnByungChan).

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