Unimportant Traveling Merchants

  • The reason being is that they don't really sell anything special that Andy doesn't already. 

Traveling Merchant Bruce 브루스

  • Bruce really isn't worth visiting. He sells the gold to shilling chest, a random ability stone, and a transferable Acrasium I box.

  • Appears on islands only. There are two locations unidentified because honestly, no one cares enough to figure out.

Ben 벤과 | Lucas 루카스 | Oliver 올리버 | Mac 맥 | Peter 피터는

  • These traveling merchants appear on continents that don't have any adventure book food ingredient to sell.

  • They sell an random affinity item for shilling. Green affinity items sell for 1k shilling, blue affinity items sell for 3.5k shilling, and purple affinity items sell for 10k shilling.

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