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★Part 2: https://lostarktip.blogspot.com/2020/08/lostark-season-2-part2.html

Lost ark season 2



Part 2


1. Leveling

2. Lifeskill & Sillian Order

3. Housing

4. Guardian & New Dungeon

5. Collectives

6. Sailing

7. Card

8. Engrave

9. New Gear System


11. etc

12. Unsure Things

13. Things to do for Season 2 

1. Leveling

Picture1. Old Leveling material 'Arkracium'

Deleted Old Growth Method with Arkracium

T1~T2 will have T3 Growth Method

New added Material

All material can be traded 

Destruction Stone Fragment

Guardian Stone Fragment

Breakthrough Stone of Harmony

★Veilnil Melting Material(Check 2.Lifeskill Section)

After Reach at ilvl 310(All Parts +3) you should get this stone from auction or crafting from your housing

But, at the beginning price can be very high(at the JP nobody sold) crafting also ask lvl 5 housing lvl

FYI, Ilvl 325 you can try Abyss Dungeon and Abyss Dungeon drop this mat(Check 4.New Dungeon)

Fragment of Harmony

Similar as T3 mat resources

Resources: Chaos Dungeon, Guardian Punishment etc

Protection of Star, Bless of Star, Grace of Star

Correspondent as 'Breath' at T3

Resources: Cube, Archeology Treasuremap etc

Polishing Example Picture from JP CBT

lvl 3 → 4
llvl 11 → 12

2. Lifeskill

Lifeskill Renewal

Lifeskill Energy is bounded for your expedition(not anymore each character)

Lifeskill leveling is separated so that you get each lifeskill exp from each lifeskill 

Lifeskill tool has durability points you can repair
Lifeskill tool you can buy from shop with your silling but there is time limit for buying again

Cost is changed silling to gold

food craft cost also ask gold

Platinum Field UI

It's ask about each ticket for trying and those tickets you can farm when you do lifeskill

Map is same but materials and reward are changed especially when you collect platinum mat in the platinum field

You get red bags

Red bag drop items

Red bags could be useful due to there is each lifeskill objects have level from this video youtu.be/rpl1wcL8QsU?t=146 there was no level at the Japan CBT. Because of Lifeskill object level could be hard to get good material.
But red bags you can acquire those mats as random.

★Veilnil Melting Material

One of most important material at T1 

from left mining, Lumbering, Fishing -> Pearl, you can get from Lakebar at Luteran Continent

Fishing -> Gold Pearl you can get from Arthetaine

In the picture for 5 material 30 minutes cost. If lucky with huge success then 10 materials can be craft

platinum field is seperated from silliand order

Cube access object

Cube Ticket you can acquire

Reward: , no gold

Antares Boss Rush access