5/1/21 - Another person Ryu#7272 has created another website called




It's a much cleaner version of infolao. If I ever decide to add or change anything, it's going to be on that site.


4/9/21 Update: Nukey#6505 has made adventure book maps for both Yorn and Papunika.


Spoiler: Never going to update this site myself again. There are infinitely better sites like lostarkcodex and inven.



1. I don't play Lost Ark anymore and haven't for a long time. See you in Lost Ark NA.

2. This is a shitty blog site and I regret ever using it. Their new editor is complete shit now after adobe flash was disabled.


If you want to fill in stuff that is missing or want me to edit outdated information, just DM me.

Posted by Yaen

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