Bern's New Vessel 베른 신형 탐사선은


7 Locations (Click image to view full size)

Island of Sublimity (No Picture)

Eye of Hypnos | Island of Eternity | Island of Shade

Island of the Beginning | Mist Island | Nietltalov's Conception


  • This ship spawns around 7 islands listed above. It is random in each channel.

  • Will sell 60% pots for 300 pirate coins each, or 45% pots for 80 pirate coins each.

  • Masterpiece #40 can be bought here.

  • There is a selectable ship design (Tragon, Astray, Ghost Ship) for 500 Pirate Coins. You may also buy a purple pirate coin for 500 pirate coins. Legendary one costs 1000 pirate coins.

  • The sailor the ship sells is random.

Find Nearest Diving Node Sailor | Find Nearest Wreckage Sailor

Reduce Diving Luck Use by (7) Sailor | Reduce Treasure Salvage Luck Use by (6) Sailor

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