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  1. 2020.07.28 LostArk Reaper Preview with July 29th Roadmap Review



● 1:31 Reaper

Reaper Update: September 29th

Weapon Dagger, Shadow Skill
Identity: Persona
Persona-When Dark Gauge goes to be full, Reaper able to use Clone and Invisibility

If not use clones etc then Dark Gauge changed to be Chaos Gauge and when it goes to full

Reaper get Chaos Stance that gives extra Speed ​​and Power.

Left-Persona, Right-Dagger

● 5:22 LA Express (Advanced Tricion Pass)
Instant lvl50 (from lvl1)

Instant Ilvl 850 start

Several more Ilvling boost packages support

LA Express Image

● 8:20 New Server 'Cadan'

Guild Growth Support

New Server only Daily Attendance Bonus

Open Event(Limited Pacakage etc)

New Server Cadan and 3 supports

● 9:03 Mourning Island(Spoiler Skip)
● 11:53 Argos 8ppl abyss raid
Concept: Life Energy but twisted by Chaos

500 years ago, Guardian Albion gave Injuries to Argos

And now Argos awake by roar of Albion

Update Date: September 9th

Argos Look

● 14:15 Circle Bamboo Island

More Main Story line with Gingerale and Ester Shandi

Gingerale Disciple of Esther Shandi

● 17:12 Episode: Cadan

First Guardian Slayer and most powerful ester Cadan appear - Season 2 Main Story

Left - Evil Leader Camen, Right - Ester Cadan

● 18:04 Island Occupation Contents

Guild can occupy the Several Islands 

Image for Islands Occupation

After above same like https://infolao.tistory.com/319




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