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  1. 2020.07.01 LostArk season2 full features guide (Part1)

LostArk Guide for Season 2 



Update Date for Season 2 will be August 12th

Last Updated 2020-July-12th by ABC

Contact: AhnByungChan Twitch#8274

Official Link: 


Since it's lots of information let me put 1 hour depth review video detail explanation.



Deleted Contents

Arkracium Leveling System

Antares Nightmare Dungeons

All of Labyrinth Event

Chaos Dungeon

Weekly Raid

Card Battle

Currencies (Lupeon seal, Black tooth etc)

Sailing Energy


Modified Contents

Sillian Order

Chaos Dungeon

Guardian Raid


Renewal Collective  Contents

PvP System Improve

Added Contents

Abyss Dungeon

New Collective Items

Personal Island

New Class

New Battle Item

Head & Counter attack

Extra Contents

Path of City Improve

Newbie Adventure Support




Official Link:


Start https://youtu.be/whDsM7GXpO0?t=472

End youtu.be/whDsM7GXpO0?t=5752


Gearing Economy'Exchange' →'Drop' New gear system

-Quality-Option-Tripod Effect-Gear Rank(similar as current)-Gear Upgrade(Rank up)-Gear Succeed(similar as current)


-Growth System

-Skill Rune-Gem-Engrave Activity Point


Card Equipment

-Card Deck and set option-Illustrated book system


Extra Contents

-Character lvl expanded 50 to 60-3 tripods will be available for 8 skills

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