Island of Serene Sabbath

[Island of Eternal Rest]

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  • There is a yellow quest you must do on this island to obtain the song Twilight Requiem.

  • You need this song to complete the island cooperative quest.

  • The last named boss spawns at 4:20 left on the timer for the cooperative quest. 

  • Do not complete the quest before it spawns for an additional 300 pirate coins.

  • This is a calendar island.

Island Heart

  • The island heart can be randomly obtained by completing the cooperative quest on the island and receiving the chest reward or by killing the boss which is a part of the quest.

Island Cooperative Quest

  • Green cooperative quest requires you to play song of requiem at the circles. 
  • You only need a few people playing the song and the rest should defend the people who are playing the song.

  • Named bosses will appear at 9:00, 7:30, and 4:30 on the cooperative quest timer. 
  • These bosses all drop 1-3 souls.

  • The last named boss that spawns at 4:20 will drop an additional 300 pirate coins, but this named boss can be easily skipped. This is because you can easily reach 100% for the quest before it reaches 4:20 on the cooperative quest. If just one person on the island doesn't know to wait at 90-95% for the named boss to appear, that person could ruin it for everyone else.

Island Quest

  • Random yellow quest that rewards a vitality potion.

Mokoko Seed

2 and 3 requires Minuet of the Forest

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