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  2. 2019.05.03 Accessory Guide
  3. 2019.04.15 Cheapest All-Purpose Deck Guide

Misconceptions About Elemental Weapons

Pictures: Courtesy of Dosadi

  • I'm seeing this huge misconception about attack power of elemental weapons vs. normal weapons.

  • Yes, the elemental weapon looks like it has lower attack damage than the normal weapon, but that does not mean it does less damage than a normal 385 ilvl weapon in any situation.

  • A 390 ilvl raid weapon would do just a little more damage than the 390 ilvl elemental weapon though.

  • But let's actually take a look at the expanded character stats with a 390 elemental weapon and a 385 ilvl      weapon equipped. 


  • The left image is elemental. The right image is normal ilvl 385.

  • The 1st and 3rd row of the expanded character stats tell you the attack power you have.

  • When using your elemental weapon and fighting normal mobs or other players, both the AP from the 1st and 3rd row gets combined when calculating total damage. So 347 + 346 = 693. Your total AP would then be 693.

  • Bosses like Levanos and Frost Regi only take extra damage depending on the AP from the 3rd row.

  • With the normal weapon, all your AP is on the 1st row only, so the total is 680 

  • Let's take a look at the scaled stats in structured PvP. The left is ilvl 390 ele, the right is ilvl 385.

  • You will see that since both 1st and 3rd row gets scaled in arena.


  • The ilvl 385 weapon does not do more damage than the 390 elemental weapon in any situation.

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Accessory Guide

All accessories except for giant heart rewards require you to be within 10 ilvls of the accessory to purchase.

Values ​​in [####] are current Korean values. 

The original values ​​are stated before and will probably be the values ​​on a region release.

Accessories in the Russian release don't have ilvls.

  1. ilvl 265 Earring-1st Island Heart Reward

  2. ilvl 285 Earring-Costs 10,000 [3000] Lupeon Seals (Main city vendors inBern, Arthetine, Lutheran)

  3. ilvl 285 Ring-Costs 10,000 [3000] Lupeon Seals

  4. ilvl 300 Necklace-30 [3] Blackteeth Marks

  5. ilvl 300 Earring-30 [3] Blackteeth Marks

  6. ilvl 300 Ring-4 Giant Hearts

  7. ilvl 300 Ring-11 Island Hearts

  8. ilvl 305 Earring-Labyrinth of Shadows (Shushire-Ice Butterfly Cliff) 

  9. ilvl 315 Necklace-13 Island Hearts

  10. ilvl 320 Earring-350 Mokoko Seed Rewards  (Not worth)

  11. ilvl 320 Ring-50,000 [5,000] Lupeon Seals  (Luxury vendors in Bern, Arthetine, Lutheran)

  12. ilvl 320 Necklace-50,000 [5,000] Lupeon Seals  (Luxury vendors in Bern, Arthetine, Lutheran)

  13. ilvl 325 Ring-15 Island Hearts

  14. ilvl 340 Earring-Secret Base X-301 Dungeon Reward (Guaranteed Drop)

  15. ilvl 345 Ring-7 Giant Hearts

  16. ilvl 345 Earring-24 Island Hearts

  17. ilvl 345 Necklace-Buy Pioneer Penelope Sailor for 1.2k Pirate Coins at Atropos, Do her Adventure, Trade in the ticket for the necklace ( http://www.inven.co.kr/board/lostark/4821/28810(Not worth)

  18. ilvl 360 Ring-50 [5] Blackteeth Marks

  19. ilvl 360 Earring-12,000 [300] Cashew Seeds

  20. ilvl 365 Earring-26 Island Hearts

  21. ilvl 365 Ring-100 Pirate Coins (Pirate Village Atlas)

  22. ilvl 385 Earring-100  Pirate Coins (Pirate Village Atlas)

  23. ilvl 385 Ring-29 Island Hearts

  24. ilvl 390 Ring-75,000 [35,000] Shillings (Luxury vendors)

  25. ilvl 395 Necklace-10 Giant Hearts

  26. ilvl 400 Ring-100,000 [10,000] Lupeon Seals

  27. ilvl 410 Earring-Labyrinth of Shadows Hard Mode (Shushire-Ice Butterfly Cliff) 

  28. ilvl 415 Necklace-100 Pirate (Pirate Village Atlas)

  29. ilvl 425 Ring-Buy Revenger Arpherine for 1.2k Pirate Coins at Atropos, Do her Adventure, Trade in the ticket for the ring ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XbSU1gB5RA ) https://emptystreet.tistory .com/141

  30. ilvl 445 Necklace-35 Island Hearts

  31. ilvl 445 Earring - 36 Island Hearts

  32. ilvl 445 Ring - Walpurgis Dungeon (RNG Drop)

  33. ilvl 450 Earring - Secret Base X301 Hard Mode (Guaranteed Drop)

  34. ilvl 460 Necklace - Buy Sailor for 35 Tokens at Monte, Do his Adventure, Trade in the ticket for the necklace (https://emptystreet.tistory.com/141) (Not worth)

  35. ilvl 470 Ring - Buy Sailor for 120 Goblin coins, do his adventure, trade in the ticket for the ring (East of Carmine's Garrison, http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=213107&site=lostark&sw=%EB%AA%A8%ED%97%98%EB%AC%BC)

  36. ilvl 480 Necklace - Walpurgis Hard Mode (RNG Drop)

  37. ilvl 485 Ring - 41 Island Hearts

  38. ilvl 500 Ring - 35 [10] SG Cores (Sasha Vendor in Stern)

  39. ilvl 500 Necklace - 25 [6] Ancient Magic Stones (Payto Vendor)

  40. ilvl 500 Earring-25 [6] Souls (Starlight Lighthouse Island)

  41. ilvl 505 Ring-44 Island Hearts

  42. ilvl 525 Earring-46 Island Hearts

  43. ilvl 545 Earring-12 Giant Hearts

  44. ilvl 545 Earring-56 Island Hearts

  45. ilvl 550 Necklace-60 Island Hearts

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Accessory Guide  (0) 2019.05.03
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Cheapest All-Purpose Deck Guide

  • This was my first deck that I used to beat stage 6 Beatrice, and consequently all other NPC card battles. 

  • Its the cheapest deck (700k shilling give or take) as far as I know. 

  • This guide will show the upgrade path towards this deck.

  • Beatrice stage 6 will require resets because her cards like to dodge both Thanatos's skills and attacks.

  • As long as you get through her first two cards without missing any skill ability or attack, you should be fine. 

  • Her 3rd card during stage 6 does not require the 100% extra damage curse, just the stun.

  • Thanatos Skills (1st Card)

  1. Determination: 100% additional damage to higher card cost for 2 turns (2nd skill in picture) (Inherited)

  2. Despair: Stun lower attack power for 2 turns (3rd skill in picture)

  • Baruto (2nd Card)

  1. Cheer: If the cost of both side cards are greater, increase their AP by 1 (Inherited)
  2. Resonance: If the cost of both side cards are odd, increase all 3 cards AP by 1 (Inherited)
  • MC (3rd Card)
  1. Preferably stun or freeze lower AP for 2 turns
  • Liegeas (4th Card)
  1. Charge: +1 AP to 1st card in deck (Inherited)
  2. Direct: Freeze even cost cards for 2 turns
  • Rahart (5th Card)
  1. Despair: Stun lowest card cost (3rd skill in picture)
  • This deck requires 5 skill inheritances.

Card Upgrade Route
  • The first thing you want to do is get Thanatos. Upgrade it first to rank 3. 

  • Once this card gets to rank 3, it should carry you through a lot of battles up to stage 4.

Thanatos (Sylian Stage 4)

  • Next upgrade this card Sakwol to the 1st rank. 

  • Its skill is Resonance: If both cards on the side are odd, all 3 cards will get +1 AP. 

  • This allows your Thanatos to stun 8 AP cards as you do low stage card battles. 

Sakwol (Sylian Card Battle)

  • Next you want to upgrade any one of these cards to rank 2.

  • Vulcan, Willy, Caspian, Thunder, and Apolas all get their stuns for 2 turns as rank 2. Baron gets his at rank 1.

  • The top row all stun lower AP for 2 turns. The bottom row all stun lower card cost. 

  • I went with the -5% evasion stuns because higher stage cards have some evasion skills, but really any works. 

  • You could argue the other point and say getting a critical hit would make the battle go faster.

  • You can get any of the top row cards easily through Auction House if someone is selling it. 

  • The bottom row cards can all be obtained through battling NPCs.

Vulcan (Treasure Salvage) | Willy (Field Boss RNG Drop) | Baron (Special Chests)
Stun lower AP, -5% Crit Resist | Stun lower AP, -5% Crit Resist | Stun lower AP, -5% Evasion

Caspian (Jaber Stage 4) | Thunder (Palin Card Battle) | Apolas (Mocha Mocha Stage 4)

Stun lower cost, -5% Crit Resist | Stun lower cost, -5% Evasion | Stun lower cost, -5% Evasion

  • Afterwards, you want to upgrade MC to rank 1. He will receive the first skill inheritance. 

  • Give him the stun skill you have on any of the previous 6 cards. 

  • Again preferably you want to give him the Stun Lower AP skill, but any is fine.

  • If you need a guide on skill inheritance, there is one on this site under the cards category.

MC (Lutheran Castle Yellow Quest Chain)
  • Now that you have Thanatos, Sakwol, and MC, you can breeze through all stage 4's.
  • You can prob beat select Stage 5's as well.
  • Next up, you want to upgrade Wonpo to rank 2. 
  • Wonpo rank 2 skill is Cheer: If both cards on the side of it has a greater cost, give both cards +1 AP. 
Wonpo (Vivian Stage 4)

  • Now you want any 1 cost blue tier card with 4 attack or higher. 
  • I personally used Baruto, but I suggest using another 4 cost card because you need a 2nd Baruto later on
  • If you can get a 2nd Baruto through auction house, then I suggest using Baruto as your 2nd card.
  • This is because it's a Holy type, having no weaknesses, but any of the following cards will do.
Baruto (Jaber Stage 4) | King Dooky (100 Mococo Seeds) | Seria (Sasha Stage 4)

  • We will now do 2 skill inheritances. 

  • You will want to transfer Wonpo's Cheer skill to a trash green card first as per my guide on inheriting skills. 

  • Next give Baruto or any of the above 1 cost cards the cheer skill from the trash green card.

  • Afterwards inherit Sakwol's Resonance skill onto the same 1 cost card.

  • Putting Thanatos and Master of Ceremonies on both sides of Baruto will give both 10 AP.

  • Upgrade Dark Regioros to rank 3 for its skill Determination: Apply a curse on target if it is a higher cost, making it receive 100% extra damage for 2 turns. 

  • Now let a green card inherit Dark Regi's Determination skill.

  • Then let Thanatos inherit the Determination skill from the green card as per my inheritance guide. 

  • Make sure you are keeping both Thanatos's despair skill when trying to inherit the determination skill. 

  • The 3rd skill doesn't matter.

Dark Regioros (Gambler Kage Stage 4)

  • This is where you will do your final skill inheritance. You will need a 2nd Baruto if you used 1 Baruto already. 

  • Upgrade Baruto to rank 1, and not rank 2. 

  • Baruto's 1st default skill is Charge: Give +1 AP to the 1st card in the deck. That is all you need.

  • Upgrade Ligaeus (right card) to rank 2. 

  • Its rank 2 skill is Direct Hit: Freeze even cost cards for 2 turns, -5% evasion.

  • You will want Ligaeus to inherit Baruto's Charge skill. 

  • You want to keep both the Charge and Freeze skill. Now your Thanatos will have 11 AP.

Ligaeus (Mocha Mocha Card Battle)

  • Your final upgrade should be Rahart to rank 3. It can be any other card that has 8 AP and can stun lower AP.

Rahart (Palin Stage 4)

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