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  1. 2020.09.27 LostArk Season 2 All Classes Balance Changes

Hi It's ABC

Since Season 2 Patch note did not provide any informations of changes 

Official Link for Season 2 patch: Link

I manually checked all and made this guide hopely it's helpful.

+ There are some people asked about what is + PvE Stagger Resist, - Stagger resist

Those meant compared to S1 they added stagger resist on that skill or they removed

+ Any Feedbacks Please ask via youtube comment or discord channel

  1. 16 Classes(Except Reaper, Scouter) Balance Changes from S1
    1-1. Blaster Skills and Hawkeye Skill Effect Changes
  2. [PvE] Tier List August 12th ~ October 12th
  3. Let me do Research more and update for this part
    [PvP] Tier List and Stagger Resist & Duration Patch

For got to add something dope music sorry ~

Season 2 Blaster Skill Effect & Hawkeye(Link Comment)

Season 2 PvE Tier

0 Support Holyknight, Bard, Warlord

1 Soulmaster, Summoner, Berserker, Blaster
2. Arcana, Battlemaster Hawkeye

3. Infighter

4. Destroyer

5. Blade

6. Demonic Devilhunter Lancemaster Scouter

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