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  1. 2020.06.29 LostArk[ロストアーク] JP VPN and Account Registration Guide

LostArk[ロストアーク] Japan VPN and Account Guide

How to Play LostArk Japan server

Last Updated 2020-July-8th by ABC

Contact: AhnByungChan Twitch#8274



1. VPN Setup

2. JP Pmang Sign up

3. CBT Registeration

4. Extra Informations


1. VPN Setup

Major VPN as well known like ExitLag, NordVPN didn't work to access to JP Pmang Website.(based on post date)
These VPNs(Mudfish, Softether, Urban Shield, VPN gate) works

Even above VPNs not confirmed yet to try in-game.


2. JP Pmang Sign up

Japan account registration is not strict like Korea.

But, There is IP Tracking for preventing multiple account registration. ->youtu.be/RxAbrrxb1Wo?t=1549

There is Japanese Captcha for 5 letters. If you feel hard on it try Google translation writing function.


3. CBT Registration
CBT Registration itself is not hard once you successfully registered on pmang JP.

If you can't find out the way please check top above video.

CBT Application Period: June 25th~ July 8th 12:00
CBT Server Open: July 9th 17:00 ~ July 20th 12:00

CBT Testers: 30,000

Winner announcement July 7th(via separate email)


4. Extra Informations

Pre-register gifts

Pre-register gifts
1. 10 feathers

2. Mari card

3. Special in-game title

* for pmang account pre-registration - mococo avatar set

Help from @Darth in Discord thx.


LostArk JP Server Charateristic Showcase Live June 30th about 8pm

CBT Contents available

CBT Contents


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