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  1. 2020.01.01 How Impairment Works

The follow guide will answer some but not all questions about impairment. The following questions are:

  • Does impairment depend on damage or just the level the skill says it is?
  • Do back attacks increase the impairment effect?
  • How is impairment scaled on their levels?
  • How does impairment work with skills with multiple ticks?
1. How Impairment Relates to Damage (It Doesn't) and Impairment Level
  • So let's take a look at this DH rifle skill. In the ENG patch its called Great Disaster. In LATree it's Catastrophe.
  • As you can see, its default impairment level is II (2) without tripods.
  • The following videos show the comparison of a DH using the rifle skill.
  • In the 1st video, the DH is using a trash weapon and has a DEX of 638. The skill is rank 1.
  • In the 2nd video, the DH has all his armor on and has a DEX of 2108. The skill is rank 10.
  • The difference in HP values for the bosses is because the boss scales to the ilvl of the player.
  • If you couldn't quite clearly catch it, here are snapshots of the impairment bar.

  • Conclusion: Damage is not related to impairment, clearly shown with the difference in ilvls.
2. Do Back Attacks Increase Impairment Effect?
  • The DH skill being used for this is called Omen of Apocalypse, a shotgun skill with two ticks, Impairment I (1).
  • The 1st video shows the skill being used normally with no back attack.
  • The 2nd video shows the skill used as a back attack.
  • If you couldn't quite clearly catch it, here are snapshots of the impairment bar.
  • In the 1st image you see that the impairment bar is just in between the r and the a.
  • With the back attack, the impairment bar is now just above the e.

  • Conclusion: Impairment is increased when back attacking with impairment skills that allow it.
3. How is Impairment Scaled?
  • The same DH rifle skill also has a tripod which increases the impairment effect from II to III (2 to 3).
  • So let's compare how each impairment level compares.
  • This video shows the impairment effect with the relevant tripod slotted.
  • If you couldn't quite catch it, here are the comparison images of Impairment 2 vs Impairment 3.

  • Impairment 3 has 1.5x the effect of Impairment 2, so 3x the effect of Impairment 1.
  • In other words, 3 is 1*3, 2 is 1*2. :)
  • Conclusion: Simply stated, impairment is scaled linearly. 
4. How Impairment Behaves When Skills Deal Damage in Ticks
  • This is a grey area and I'm not exactly too sure about it, but here is the (short and simple) research.
  • The DH rifle skill used above also has a tripod which doubles the grenades fired.

  • So let's compare how this makes the skill behave.
  • If you couldn't quite catch it, here are the comparison images of single hit vs double hit (Impairment III).

  • Pretty simple to see. With the double hit tripod, each hit has an impairment effect of 3.
  • The matter is not settled yet though. Let's take a look at a bard's stigma ability.
  • Both Great Disaster and Stigma are Impairment II (2) skills, but Stigma deals its damage in multiple ticks.
  • To summarize, stigma dealt the same impairment effect even though all ticks of damage hit the boss.
  • Though, each tick's impairment effect was added to the total final impairment effect.
  • So if you miss a tick of damage, you won't reach the full impairment effect.
  • You might be thinking that we can come to a general conclusion now, but we can't.
  • The conclusion being that if the skill originally deals damage in ticks, the impairment effect is spread out.
  • And if it's made to do one more tick through tripods, each tick applies the full impairment effect.
  • To refute my conclusion above, I use two videos comparing 2 BM skills. 
  • Since I have never played BM before, I am only going off the skill descriptions.
  • The two BM skills I am comparing are Phoenix Dive vs Dragon's Ascent without tripods.
  • Phoenix Dive is Impairment I (1), while Dragon's Ascent is Impairment IV (4).
  • Both skills deal damage in ticks, so one would assume the impairment effect of DA is 4x greater.
  • Also the reason why the BM skills seem to have a greater effect is because the boss is different.
  • If you couldn't quite clearly catch it, here are snapshots of the impairment bar.
  • The bottom image is of Dragon's Ascent, which deals damage in ticks and has a total impairment of IV (4)
  • The top image is of Phoenix Dive, which says it has an impairment of I (1).
  • Phoenix Dive says the damage is dealt in two ticks, and so total impairment level reached would be I (1).
  • This is not the case though as you can see in the video.
  • Dragon's Ascent should be 4x the impairment, but as shown has only 2x the impairment effect.
  • So even without tripods, each tick of Phoenix Dive applies an impairment effect of I (1).
  • Conclusion: Skills need more clarity and consistency.
Another Example
  • Let's take the Bard skill Holy Sound. It has Impairment II (2). It's been a while, so feel free to correct me.
  • The 2nd tier tripod for the skill increases duration by 1.5s, meaning more ticks of damage are fired.
  • Since each tick adds to the final impairment effect, adding more ticks means more total impairment.
  • So increasing the duration here of the skill, makes the impairment higher than what it states.
  • The 3rd tier tripod for the skill reduces duration by 50%. 
  • But this just means that the same amount of ticks are fired in a shorter duration.
  • The increased impairment effect you got from the 2nd tier upgrade did not disappear.
  • Conclusion: Skills need more clarity and consistency.

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