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  1. 2020.08.05 Lost Ark Island Guides

Lost Ark Island Guides

  • Below you will find islands separated according to their quadrant.

  • The island pages will have various thing on them including island heart method obtainment.

  • Achievements pertaining to each island will not be listed because you can easily look it up in-game.

Quadrant 1

Island of Sublimity

Quadrant 2

Island of Ice & Fire

Quadrant 3

Ice Maze Island

Argon Island

Haven of Cold

Island of Broken Glaciers

Quadrant 4

Duki Corporation [Dooky Corporation]

Quadrant 5

Island of Isolated Eternity

Karmain's Garrison

Cradle of the Sea Fermata

Island of Serene Sabbath

Uncharted Island

Island of Shade

Monte Island

Surado Island

Island of Longing

Quadrant 6

Spida Island



Illusion Island

Peach Blossom Island

Quadrant 7


White Wave Island

Island of Chance

Village of Fugitives


Dooky Island

Slime Island

Secret Base X-301

Crescent Island

Dreaming Seagull Island

Golden Wave Island


Quadrant 8

Death Valley

Quadrant 9

Island of Fantasy

Harmony Island

Quadrant 10


Metus Archipelago

Island of Promise

Nietltalov's Conception

Island of Mist

Shadow Moon Market

Blue Hole Island

Island of Dawn

Island of Hope

Goblin Island


Quadrant 11

Dense Fog Ridge

Island of 

Erroneous Desire

Dooky Island

Club Avenue

Volare Island

Quadrant 12

Fortuna Island

Lonely Island Opper

Island of Lush Reed

Panda Papu Island

Dooky Island

Sunflower Island

Starlight Lighthouse Island

Tortoise Island

Island of Erasumo


Lopang Island

Peach Blossom Island



Toto Silver Island

Notos Island


Quadrant 13

Peach Blossom Island (Mureungdo-won)

Quadrant 14

Island of Blue Wind


Quadrant 15

Welcome Butterfly Island

Eye of Hypnos

Resort Gravis

Naruni Island

Twilight Island

Island of Torrent

Outlaw Island

Whispering Small Island

Quadrant 16

Island of 

Distorted Dimensions

Little Lucky Island


Bikini Island

Quadrant 17

Pomona Island

Boom Bling Island

Mushroom Island


Sleeping Song Island

Serene Island


Pirate Village Atlas

Freedom Island

Blackteeth's Haven

Quadrant 18

Island of Grief

Quadrant 19

Island of Time

Quadrant 20

Island of Recall

Island of Wisdom

Orbis Island

Dooky Island

Isle of the Forgotten

Evergrace's Nest

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