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S2 Pirate Coin Dailies

LostArkCodex say they all reward shilling, but rewards are actually pirate coins.

Pictures from inven all the way at the bottom.

Sea Paradise Payto Daily (Island Heart Daily) (https://lostarkcodex.com/kr/quest/5028601/

  • 1st Stage Reward 0/10 - 2000 
  • 2nd Stage Reward 0/40 - 6000 
  • 3rd Stage Reward 0/90 - 10000 
  • 4th Stage Reward 0/170 - 16000 

Sea Paradise Payto 2nd Daily (Rewards Pneuma) (https://lostarkcodex.com/kr/quest/4002601/

  • 1st Stage Reward 0/30 - 6000 
  • 2nd Stage Reward 0/90 - 12000 
  • 3rd Stage Reward 0/210 - 24000 

Eye of Hypnos Daily (Rewards Tragon - Requires 5000 Krater's Coins)(https://lostarkcodex.com/kr/quest/5074601/

  • 1st Stage Reward 0/70 - 17000 
  • 2nd Stage Reward 0/150 - 19000 
  • 3rd Stage Reward 0/300 - 36000 

Blackteeth's Garrison Daily (https://lostarkcodex.com/kr/quest/5030601/

  • 1st Stage Reward 0/30 - 6000 
  • 2nd Stage Reward 0/70 - 8000 
  • 3rd Stage Reward 0/150 - 16000 

Fugitive Village Daily (Island Heart Daily) (https://lostarkcodex.com/kr/quest/5041604/

  • 1st Stage Reward 0/10 - 2000 
  • 2nd Stage Reward 0/60 - 10000 
  • 3rd Stage Reward 0/160 - 20000 

Fermata, Cradle of the Sea Daily (https://lostarkcodex.com/kr/quest/5101601/

  • 1st Stage Reward 0/30 - 7000 
  • 2nd Stage Reward 0/70 - 10000 
  • 3rd Stage Reward 0/150 - 19000 

Ghost Ship Daily (Rewards Ghost Ship) (https://lostarkcodex.com/kr/quest/4002602/

  • 1st Stage Reward 0/30 - 7000 
  • 2nd Stage Reward 0/70 - 10000 
  • 3rd Stage Reward 0/120 - 12000 

Pirate Star: Astray Daily (Rewards Astray Mat) (https://lostarkcodex.com/kr/quest/4002605/

  • 1st Stage Reward 0/50 - 12000 
  • 2nd Stage Reward 0/130 - 19000 
  • 3rd Stage Reward 0/250 - 29000 

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S2 Pirate Coin Daily Sources 

Source: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=243174&site=lostark&sw=%EC%B5%9C%EB%AF%BC%ED%98%B8&searchwhere=writer

  • Pirate coins now come from co-op sea activities.

  • Co-op sea activities now spawn at 19:30, 21:30, and 23:30.

  • Completing the sea activities rewards both keys and coins.

  • Green missions rewards Guiena's Coins, Blue -> Krater's Coins, Orange -> Arcturth's Coins, Yellow -> Ancient Coins, Pink -> Solar Coins

  • Missions also rewards keys which you can exchange for pirate coins inside corresponding gateways.

  • For example, green missions reward Keys to Harmony. Blue missions reward Keys to Wisdom. etc.

  • Gateways spawn at certain times and also reward more coins.

  • At ports, there are also ships in which you can exchange purple coins for pirate coins.

  • Outside Papunika's port, you can exchange solar coins for tears of the abyss, which is used to exchange for artifact sailors on Mist Island.

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Lost Ark Island Guides

  • Below you will find islands separated according to their quadrant.

  • The island pages will have various thing on them including island heart method obtainment.

  • Achievements pertaining to each island will not be listed because you can easily look it up in-game.

Quadrant 1

Island of Sublimity

Quadrant 2

Island of Ice & Fire

Quadrant 3

Ice Maze Island

Argon Island

Haven of Cold

Island of Broken Glaciers

Quadrant 4

Duki Corporation [Dooky Corporation]

Quadrant 5

Island of Isolated Eternity

Karmain's Garrison

Cradle of the Sea Fermata

Island of Serene Sabbath

Uncharted Island

Island of Shade

Monte Island

Surado Island

Island of Longing

Quadrant 6

Spida Island



Illusion Island

Peach Blossom Island

Quadrant 7


White Wave Island

Island of Chance

Village of Fugitives


Dooky Island

Slime Island

Secret Base X-301

Crescent Island

Dreaming Seagull Island

Golden Wave Island


Quadrant 8

Death Valley

Quadrant 9

Island of Fantasy

Harmony Island

Quadrant 10


Metus Archipelago

Island of Promise

Nietltalov's Conception

Island of Mist

Shadow Moon Market

Blue Hole Island

Island of Dawn

Island of Hope

Goblin Island


Quadrant 11

Dense Fog Ridge

Island of 

Erroneous Desire

Dooky Island

Club Avenue

Volare Island

Quadrant 12

Fortuna Island

Lonely Island Opper

Island of Lush Reed

Panda Papu Island

Dooky Island

Sunflower Island

Starlight Lighthouse Island

Tortoise Island

Island of Erasumo


Lopang Island

Peach Blossom Island



Toto Silver Island

Notos Island


Quadrant 13

Peach Blossom Island (Mureungdo-won)

Quadrant 14

Island of Blue Wind


Quadrant 15

Welcome Butterfly Island

Eye of Hypnos

Resort Gravis

Naruni Island

Twilight Island

Island of Torrent

Outlaw Island

Whispering Small Island

Quadrant 16

Island of 

Distorted Dimensions

Little Lucky Island


Bikini Island

Quadrant 17

Pomona Island

Boom Bling Island

Mushroom Island


Sleeping Song Island

Serene Island


Pirate Village Atlas

Freedom Island

Blackteeth's Haven

Quadrant 18

Island of Grief

Quadrant 19

Island of Time

Quadrant 20

Island of Recall

Island of Wisdom

Orbis Island

Dooky Island

Isle of the Forgotten

Evergrace's Nest

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Island Hearts Categorized

  • This guide will separate each island heart in its own category describing method of obtainment.

  • Visit https://infolao.tistory.com/entry/Lost-Ark-Island-Guides

  • They will be further listed from easiest to hardest to obtain in terms of effort (subjective).

  • Russian english patch names in [BRACKETS].

  • Rewards are for every 5 island hearts.

Daily | Quest | Monster Kill RNG | PvP RNG | Non-Combat RNG | Collection | Merchant | Affinity

East Islands
Daily (All Easy)
  1. Notos Island (3 dailies)
  2. Totopia (6 or 7 dailies)
  3. Fugitive Village (7 dailies)
  4. Lopang Island [Headquarter Wind Roses] (Purple quest after 6 of the SAME daily)
  5. Payto [Cruise Ship Paradise Waves] (Purple quest after 6 or 7 dailies)
  6. Club Avenue (Purple quest after 6 or 7 dailies, quest requires Harmony Island)
  1. Pomona Island [Island of All Lovers] (Short, Less than 30 minutes)
  2. Bikini Island (Short)
  3. Island of Recall [Forgotten Island] (Short)
  4. Ice Maze Island (Requires 6 notos dailies) (Short)
  5. Dreaming Seagull Island (Requires Minuet of the Forest) (Short)
  6. Serene Island (Medium, Around an hour)
  7. Tortoise Island (Medium, Around an hour)
  8. Island of Broken Glaciers (Long, Around 2 hours)
  9. Starlight Lighthouse Island [Star Song Lighthouse] (Long, Around 2 hours)
Monster Kill RNG
  1. Slime Island [Slysburg] (High drop rate) 
  2. Island of Time [Island of Thousand Pitchers] (Medium drop rate, low spawn rate)
  3. Secret Base X301 (Dungeon) (Low drop rate)
  4. Dooky Island [Treasure Island] (6 spawns per day) (Low drop rate)
  5. Death Valley [Island of the Doomed] (Medium drop rate)
  6. Alacer Island [Alakir] (Low drop rate) 
  7. Alteisen [Rosterdin] (3 spawns per week) (Low drop rate)
  8. Orbis Island (3 spawns per week) (Low drop rate)
  9. Island of Ice & Fire (3 spawns per week) (Low drop rate)
  10. Forpe (12 spawns per day) 
  11. Spida Island [Spider Island] (Low drop rate)
  12. Island of Erasumo [Erasmos Island] (Low drop rate)
  13. Evergrace's Nest [Evergrais Monastery] (ilvl 525+)
  1. Medeia (Calendar spawn) (Medium drop rate)
  2. Island of Lush Reed [Trembling Reed Island] (8 spawns a day) (Low drop rate)
  3. Illusion Island [Caprea] (12 spawns a day) (Low drop rate)
Non-Combat RNG
  1. Little Lucky Island (Buy chests from merchant, spawns 2 hours from despawn time, stays up for 10 minutes)
  2. Argon Island (High drop rate, but very low chance of meeting the prerequisites for it to actually drop)
  3. Fortuna Island [Good Luck Shore] (Medium drop rate, plenty of opportunities) 
  4. Golden Wave Island [Shore of the Golden Surf] (Low drop rate, plenty of opportunities) 
  5. Estella [Island of Shooting Stars] (Low drop rate, plenty of opportunities
  6. Mushroom Island [Mushroom Forest] (Medium drop rate for lvl 4 shrooms) (Low drop rate for lvl 1 shrooms)
  7. Volare Island (Calendar spawn) (Medium drop rate)
  8. Island of Chance [Island of Opportunity] (Calendar Spawn) (Medium drop rate)
  9. Karlhertz [Island of Icy Hearts] (Low drop rate)
  10. Sleeping Song Island [Singing Island] (8 spawns per day) (Low drop rate)
  11. City of the Forgotten (Worst fucking drop rate)
  1. Wisdom Island [Rune Liar] (3 Giant Hearts) (Fast)
  2. Crescent Island (4 spawns per day, kill rabbits) (Normal)
  3. Sunflower Island [Island of Sunflowers] (10 Masterpieces) (Normal)
  4. Peach Blossom Island (Mureungdo-won) (Collect 5600 peaches) (Slow)
  5. Island of Erroneous Desire [Abode of the Damned] (At least 12 entries, at most 20 entries, spawns 4 times a day) (Slowest)
  1. Pirate Village Atlas (16800 Pirate Coins)
  2. Freedom Island [Liberty Island] (16800 Pirate Coins)
  1. Toto Silver Island (~30 Days)
  2. Panda Papu Island (~30 Days)
  3. Liebeheim (~30 Days)
  4. Blackteeth's Haven [Fanged Island] (~57 Days)
West Islands
  1. Duki Corporation (Not technically a daily, but you have to go back to the island for 5 days to complete quests)
  2. Shadow Moon Market [Wonder Island] (Requires quest, 5 dailies, and other stuff)
  3. Island of Fantasy [Dream Archipelago] (8 dailies)
  4. Atropos [Navaros] (3 coins per daily, low drop rate)
  5. Gisbro (20 dailies)
  1. Mist Island (Short, ~30 minutes)
  2. Naruni Island (Short, ~30 minutes)
  3. Resort Gravis (Short, ~30 minutes)
  4. Island of Hope [Rogue Island] (Short, ~30 minutes)
  5. Island of Distorted Dimensions [Holing Island] (Short, ~30 minutes, requires 3 cube visions)
  6. Metus Archipelago [Matus Island] (Long, ~1-2 Hours)
  7. Island of Blue Wind [Echo Island] (Long, ~1-2 hours)
  8. Island of Shadow [Tower of Darkness] (Medium to Long)
  9. Island of Promise [Last Shelter] (Medium, requires long prerequisite)
  10. Carmine's Garrison [Karmian Fortress] (Medium, requires long prerequisite)
Monster Kill RNG
  1. Island of Serene Sabbath [Island of Eternal Rest] (Calendar spawn) (Medium drop rate)
  2. Island of Grief (Medium Drop Rate)
  3. Walpurgis [Shutter Island] (Dungeon) (Low drop rate)
  4. Twilight Island [San Tramonto] (Dungeon) (Low drop rate)
  5. Uncharted Island [Darrow Island] (4 times a day) (Low drop rate)
  6. Blue Hole Island (6 times a day) (Low drop rate)
  7. Torrent Island [Nerriva Island] (Spawns 3 times a week) (Low drop rate)
  8. Island of Longing [Skull Island] (Worst fucking drop rate, RNG on top of RNG)
Non-Combat RNG
  1. Cradle of the Sea Fermata [Cruise Ship "Heart of the Ocean"](Medium drop rate)
  2. Monte Island [Island of Forgotten Secrets] (Calendar spawn) (Medium drop rate)
  3. Harmony Island [Island of Singing Flowers] (Calendar spawn) (Medium drop rate)
  4. Outlaw Island (Low drop rate)
  5. Goblin Island (Low drop rate from chest)
  1. Surado (Calendar island) (Speed depends on ranking)
  1. Island of Sublimity [Island of the Chosen] (~43 days)
  2. Eye of Hypnos [Kraken's Lair] (~41 days)
  3. Island of Isolated Eternity [Nomax]
  4. Whispering Small Island

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