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Lutheran Royal Ship 루테란 왕실 무역선

(Click to zoom in on picture)

  • This ship spawns around various islands like Lopang, Lighthouse, Toto, and other east sea islands. It is random in each channel.

  • They also sell the ship upgrading material you need to upgrade your ship from level 4 to level 5. The ship upgrade material (1st image, 3rd item down) is random on spawn. 

  • Masterpiece #39 can be bought here.

  • There is a selectable ship design (Estoc, Fujin, Bakstrom, Pneuma, Brahms). Purple one costs 100 pirate coins, legendary one costs 500 pirate coins.

  • You may also buy a purple pirate coin or legendary pirate coin for 500/1000 pirate coins.

  • The sailor the ship sells is also random.
Locate Nearest Marine Life Sailor | Locate Nearest Treasure Salvage Node Sailor

Reduce Fishing Luck Use by (6) Sailor

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Bern's New Vessel 베른 신형 탐사선은


7 Locations (Click image to view full size)

Island of Sublimity (No Picture)

Eye of Hypnos | Island of Eternity | Island of Shade

Island of the Beginning | Mist Island | Nietltalov's Conception


  • This ship spawns around 7 islands listed above. It is random in each channel.

  • Will sell 60% pots for 300 pirate coins each, or 45% pots for 80 pirate coins each.

  • Masterpiece #40 can be bought here.

  • There is a selectable ship design (Tragon, Astray, Ghost Ship) for 500 Pirate Coins. You may also buy a purple pirate coin for 500 pirate coins. Legendary one costs 1000 pirate coins.

  • The sailor the ship sells is random.

Find Nearest Diving Node Sailor | Find Nearest Wreckage Sailor

Reduce Diving Luck Use by (7) Sailor | Reduce Treasure Salvage Luck Use by (6) Sailor

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Traveling Merchants (Adv Book Food)
  • These are all 6 adventure book food merchants (Marlon, Maurice, Bert, Knox, Jeffrey, Alice) 
  • They all have a chance of selling ingredients for adventure book food completion. 
  • These merchants randomly spawn at any of the locations and only stay up for 10 minutes.
Traveling Merchant Malone (West Luteran)

Traveling Merchant Maurice (East Luteran)

Traveling Merchant Bert (East Luteran)

Traveling Merchant Knox (Arthethine)

Traveling Merchant Jeffrey (Shushire)

Traveling Merchant Arisier (Rohendal)

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Unimportant Traveling Merchants

  • The reason being is that they don't really sell anything special that Andy doesn't already. 

Traveling Merchant Bruce 브루스

  • Bruce really isn't worth visiting. He sells the gold to shilling chest, a random ability stone, and a transferable Acrasium I box.

  • Appears on islands only. There are two locations unidentified because honestly, no one cares enough to figure out.

Ben 벤과 | Lucas 루카스 | Oliver 올리버 | Mac 맥 | Peter 피터는

  • These traveling merchants appear on continents that don't have any adventure book food ingredient to sell.

  • They sell an random affinity item for shilling. Green affinity items sell for 1k shilling, blue affinity items sell for 3.5k shilling, and purple affinity items sell for 10k shilling.

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Traveling Merchant Andy [Outdated RU]


  • Andy is arguable the most valuable traveling merchant to find. 

  • The default items that he sells are chests which convert either 100 gold into 10k shillings or 1000 gold into 100k shillings. Chests are now sold at a different location next to the Auction House in main cities.

  • He sells a chest which can give Weekly Raid Tickets or Sylian Tickets for 14 rift shards. 

  • You may convert either 2 Acrasium II into Acrasium I or 25 Acrasium I into 1 Acrasium II. You may also convert 10 Acrasium I into an Acrasium I Box which you can store in your account storage to give to an alt.

  • There are random items that he may have like a 50k crystal core that you need to craft costumes. He may also have runes for sale and cards for sale. The most notable card that he may have for sale is the Thanatos card.


Crystal Core | Rift Shard Chest


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