Spirit of the Necromancer
  • Tier 1 Abyss Dungeons are fairly easy and the mechanics are simple.

  • The 1st boss in this abyss dungeon is Garum, and the 2nd is Sigmund.

  • This guide will focus on the mechanics of each boss first, since most readers only watch mechanics anyway.

  • The patterns and telegraphs of each boss will come after.

Garum Mechanic

Gaze of Death

  • On consistent intervals, an AoE from Garum will spread outwards. This AoE applies death stacks, appearing both on your debuff bar and displayed as number of orbs above your head.

  • Gaining 5 death stacks will kill you.

  • Every time Garum does this AoE, he spawns a golden orb that a player can pick up to remove all debuff stacks.

  • So the order in which players pick up the orb is by party order, making sure that no party member ever goes above 4 stacks.

  • Example: 1st Gaze -> Player 1, 2nd Gaze -> P2, 3rd -> P3, 4th -> P4, 5th -> P1, etc.

Sigmund Mechanic


  • When Sigmund gets to lethal health, he will become invincible and flash a gray or red AoE outwards.

  • He will then spawn 2 orbs at 12 o'clock, 2 at 3 o'clock, 2 at 6 o'clock, and 2 at 9 o'clock. 1 orb will be red, the other will be gray. Each party member will be assigned a clock position.

  • You must take the orb whose color matches the color that was flashed.

  • Taking 4 of the correct orbs makes the boss go back to 11 health bars. The process then repeats.

  • A total of 8 correct orbs taken will kill the boss.

  • Below are examples of the gray and red flashes.


  • Impair or die.

Garum Patterns

Swipe AoE

  • Swipe, AoE at swipe location, then outer AoE.

Tail Swipe

  • Swipes tail, then an AoE appears after.


  • The cones are random and will appear on either side. Three in a row.


  • The cones are random and will appear on either side. Three in a row.


Charge Swipe

Sigmund Patterns


  • Teleports away, usually out of screen, then charges a very slow AoE.

Backstep into AoE

Some Arm Thing IDK

  • Can do it after backstep or TP. Arms pointing towards aggroed target. AoE then spawns on target. 


  • Can do it after backstep or TP. Slams in front of himself, 4 meteors fall down. 8 mini fireballs spread out from 1 meteor location.

Charge into AoE

X Orbs

8 Orb (After 4 orbs are collected during mechanic)

  • Does 8 orbs on 2nd pattern.


  • He kind of does this arm where like he's mixing something in a drink. Then some things go up, then after a short duration, come back down as AoEs.



  • Can do it after TP or Backstep. Arm goes up and spins, then brings it down.


Persistent Aoe

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Valley of Beasts Guide

  • Tier 1 Abyss Dungeons are fairly easy and the mechanics are simple.

  • The 1st boss is Vazzla the Fallen. The 2nd boss is Skrill.

  • This guide will focus on the mechanics of each boss first, since most readers only watch mechanics anyway.

  • The patterns and telegraphs of each boss will come after.

Vazzla the Fallen Mechanic

Aggro Mechanic

  • When you get the mark above your head, make sure to run to the side of the map. After a short time, the boss will spawn a persistent AoE on top of the aggroed target's head.

  • To reset the persistent AoEs, you must impair the boss. Afterwards all AoEs on the map disappear.

Skrill Mechanic


  • Hey, I don't come up with these names. Sometimes I take some liberty with the naming, but this time it's not me.

  • It's hard for me to figure out whether this debuff you get comes from getting hit by the boss (randomly comes up sometimes), or from when the AoE wears off from teammates (I forgot to enable skill effects when recording). 

  • I'm not sure whether the exploitation debuff is related to the Absorb buffs or he just gains it over time. This is because the boss doesn't get stacks sometimes when the debuff runs out on myself.

  • Either way, when the boss obtains 6 stacks in total, he enters this mechanic.

  • Four orbs spawn at clock positions 12, 3, 6, and 9. As a group, figure out which orb you're starting at and go to it. The boss will automatically teleport onto an aggroed party member and spin. The boss will then spin and kill the orb. The orb will impair the boss.

  • Do this 4 times, once at each position, and the mechanic will be over. If you're somehow unsure if the boss has killed the orb, you can always check debuff stack on the boss. It's the icon on the right with the explosion image.

Vazzla the Fallen Patterns



  • Jumps and does a landing AoE. Right after, does another AoE on the outside.


Skrill Patterns

Double Cone

  • 2 Mines show up on the safe spots after the cone AoE.

  • After TP, does a claw attack. After the claw attack, has a chance to do a spin.


  • Hands up.
Single Cone



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Guardian Raid T2-4: Titalos

Clips from:

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup


Optional Items

Scarecrow | Dark Bomb | Molotov | Adrophin | Whirlwind Bomb | Panacea (Removes Petrify CD Debuff)

General Battle Mechanics

  • Some teams like to use a scarecrow at the beginning of the fight to draw aggro from the boss.

  • They use this time to just dump all their DPS on the boss.

  • Since the boss TPs 2 more times, a scarecrow is used at the 1st encounter and the other 2 TP encounters.

  • The boss enter its 2nd phase after its 1st TP.

  • Usually a scarecrow is saved for when the boss enrages, which will be discussed below.

  • The boss will summon 2 sandstorms shortly after the fight begins.

  • These sandstorms aggro onto players and moves towards them very slowly.

  • Standing in the sandstorms will apply a MS debuff on you. Getting 3 of these stacks will petrify you.

  • After the sandstorms are created, the boss will periodically do an earthquake move as indicated below.

  • Unless you have 100% Earthquake Immunity, you will be shocked for 10 seconds.

  • After a short while of doing the earthquake, the boss will do a one shot move.

  • You can time the one shot move by counting the number of moves the boss does.

  • The boss usually does it after 3 moves used. 

  • If the move animation takes a long time, ex. rolls, it will do it after 2 moves used. 

  • To avoid the one shot, you must stand in the sandstorm to get 3 stacks and get petrified to become invincible.

  • Players can prep 1 or 2 stacks of the debuff to make sure you get 3 stacks in time.

  • The invincibility effect still lasts for a bit after wearing off.

  • In RU, the one shot mechanic, doesn't one shot anymore.

  • Getting petrified gives you a 30 second debuff where you can't get petrified again.

  • If you can't get petrified again before the boss uses its one shot ability, you should run away.

  • Either go into the next area or make sure to run until the boss is on the edge of your minimap.

  • In RU, the one shot mechanic, doesn't one shot anymore.

  • If the boss kills someone during the one shot move, the boss will enrage. In RU, it's if you get hit.

  • The boss's attack speed and damage will increase.

  • The sandstorms disappear and he will not do the earthquake/one shot mechanic anymore.

  • Instead, an AoE will appear around himself and damage all surrounding players.

  • To get the boss back to its normal state, you must knock the boss.

  • Once the boss gets back up, it will lose its AoE and go back to doing normal things.


Bomb (2nd Phase)

  • During the 2nd phase, the boss will start using this move periodically.

  • It has the same telegraph as the sandstorm summon.

  • A circle will spawn on the ground. Unless someone stands on top of the circle, bombs will continually spawn.

  • Typically, the bard or a ranged class stands on the circle.

  • When you get near the bombs, they explode.

Eruption (2nd Phase)

  • It has a telegraph I guess, not like that will help you.

  • So far as I can tell, the AoE's are random. If you're unlucky, you'll just get juggled.

Rolls 1-D

  • Simple telegraph.

  • These types of rolls go in one direction. The safe spot is always right behind the boss.

  • The safe zone decreases when the boss is against the wall and the rolls come out of it.

Rolls 2-D

  • These rolls go in two directions. To account for both 1D and 2D, first stand diagonally to the boss.

  • For the 2D roll, only one roll will appear from behind and go back. Afterwards, no more back rolls appear.

  • So in both situations, safe spot will behind on the bosses back.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.

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Guardian Raid T4-1: Icegaia

Clips from:

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup



Optional Items

Whirlwind Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Frostgaia's attacks apply a MS debuff. Getting 10 stacks freezes you.

  • When Frostgaia tries to do its 1st ever evolution, regardless of whether or not you break it, it will evolve.

  • The evolve is signaled by this scream and this means the boss has done its 1st evolution.

  • When the boss TPs away after its 2nd evolution, it will always start at its 1st evolution afterwards.

  • If the DPS of your team is high enough, Frostgaia will evolve to 1st evolution without doing the mechanic.

  • Example of evolution sequence:

->1st Evolve Attempt or High DPS->Scream Signals 1st Evolution->Evolve Attempts->2nd Evolution->TP Away
->Find Boss Again->Starts at 1st Evolution->Evolve Attempts->2nd Evolution->TP Away
  • When first encountering the boss, the boss will land and deal damage at landing location and fly back up.

  • The second landing deals no damage.

  • You still have to break the boss during the evolve phase much like Hellgaia's evolution attempts.

  • Frostgaia's impairment requirement is higher than Hellgaia's. 

  • Do not count evolve attempts until after the 1st scripted/mandatory evolution during your 1st encounter.

  • Average teams can break 2 evolve attempts from 1st evolution without items. 3 evolve breaks is difficult.

  • When you know you will fail to break a boss during its evolve, the bard should ult or you should all run.

  • When the boss reaches its 2nd evolution, it will not attempt to evolve anymore.

  • Instead you must impair the boss so that it runs away and restarts at its 1st evolution elsewhere.

  • After the boss gets back up, it will always do 2 Sky Attacks. It will then scream and TP away.

Moveset (New Moves Added During Evolves)

Sky Attack (1st Evolution)

  • Jumps up into the air and flies back down. Annoying to dodge because of fast attack speed.

Frontal Swipe

  • Single wing frontal swipe. Can do it multiple times in succession.

Double Frontal Swipe (1st Evolution)

  • Frontal swipe with right then left wing. Still has access to single swipe.

Triple Frontal Swipe (2nd Evolution)

  • Frontal swipe with right, left, and then both wings in the front. Still has access to previous frontal swipes.


  • Telegraph for this charge is straightforward.

Upgraded Charge (2nd Evolution)

  • Flies up a bit before charging forward. Replaces the normal charge.

Up (2nd Evolution)

  • Flies up and lands at a location after a short while. Don't get near the AoE until after the boss lands.

Beak Lift

  • Self-explanatory.

Double Peck

  • Self-explanatory.

Side Wing Swipe

  • Self-explanatory.

Tail Swipe

  • Self-explanatory. Safe spot is right on Frostgaia's butt. Can do it multiple times in succession or just once.

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Guardian Raid T2-3: 

Yoho of the Red Flame

Clips from:

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup



Recommended Items

Shield Talisman | Water Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Yoho goes through 3 phases. She starts at the 1st phase and everytime she TPs, she enters the next phase.

  • Yoho's 2nd and 3rd phase give her access to upgraded and/or new attacks.

  • Throughout the battle, you will have a chance to attain an attack buff which greatly increases your AP and AS.

  • This attack buff applies a burn debuff on you so make sure you have 100% burn immunity.

  • The most common method is when the boss uses her breath attack.

  • Getting hit by the fire will give you this attack buff.

  • Have a bard shield before entering the fire or use a shield talisman.

  • She will usually use her breath shortly after she turns pink.

  • Yoho does this ring move during 1st phase.

  • When the move ends, the person with the lowest health gets the attack buff (not percentage health).

  • Since bard's are usually the one with the lowest health, they have to use spacebar to get out of the ring.

  • You see in this video, the bard gets the buff at the end of the move, which shouldn't have happened.

  • You cannot just walk out of the ring because it pushes you back towards Yoho.

  • Yoho does move during 2nd phase.

  • You must get hit by 3 orbs to get the attack buff.

  • Yoho periodically does a 360 spin move that causes random areas on the floor to be on fire.

  • Since these fires can sometimes interrupt with DPSing, players throw water bombs on those areas to clear.

  • Do not waste a water bomb on such a small area like this berserker though.

  • Yoho will periodically try and powerup. Impairment required is fairly low and this is free time to DPS.

1st Phase Moveset


  • Screams, TPs, screams again, does a 360, and spawns a clone that also does a 360.


  • Faster version of charge.

  • Telegraphed by Yoho kneeling a bit before going further.


  • Telegraphed by Yoho kneeling down and getting ready to leap.

Random Fireballs

  • Arches her head up and screams before firing fireballs in random directions.

Targeted Fireballs

  • It's sometimes easy to tell who is the target of this attack because she just slides across the floor.

  • She fires two projectiles for the 1st phase version.


  • You should be used to the animation of charges by now. Yoho's charge is nothing different.

Sky Drop

  • Turns toward an aggroed target, screams and flies up into the air, then drops down on the target.

  • Can be avoided by just running. If you don't feel confident, just use a dash move.


  • Turns toward an aggroed target and does a single stomp.

Tail Swipe 360

  • Same telegraph as her spawn fires on random areas move, except this actually damages you.

Tail Swipe Back

  • Telegraphed by Yoho bending her head down a bit before bringing her tails up and swiping down.

Tail Swipe Side

  • She will look at the side she will tail swipe just like Calventus.

  • Yoho will then swipe her tail at the side she was looking at from the other side.


  • No damage.

2nd Phase Moveset - Inherits 1st Phase Moveset

Upgraded Jump

  • She does 3 jumps now instead on the same target.


  • She will walk into a straight line like a model on a runway. As she does this, rain will fall down.

3rd Phase Moveset - Inherits Previous Phases Moveset

Upgraded Clones

  • Instead of one clone, she will spawn clones in all cardinal directions, east, west, north, and south.

  • Easy to avoid for ranged by standing 45 degrees to Yoho.

  • Melee can just dash back in after the real Yoho does her spin.

Upgraded Flash

  • Yoho does flash three times in a row during 3rd Phase.


  • Arches her head up, screams and rain will fall down.

Upgraded Random Fireballs

  • These random fireballs now leave the floor burning.

Upgraded Targeted Fireballs

  • Instead of a pair of projectiles being fired, there are now two pairs of projectiles.

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Guardian Raid T5-1: Heavy Nakra

Clips from:

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup


Heavy Impairment

Recommended Items

Corrosion Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Heavy Armor Nakrasena introduces some new mechanics.

  • When you first knock the boss, you must throw use destruction on the tail to break the tail armor.

  • You must reach a destruction level of 6 to break the armor. 3 grey bombs work and/or skills as well.

  • If you miss the first opportunity, you will be able to break it the next time you knock the boss.

  • After you have broken the tail armor, you will be able to cut the tail the next knockdown.

  • Unlike above, shurikens will not go through the body or the wall.

  • You must reach a cutting level of 12 to cut the tail.

  • You may use a corrosion bomb and 4 grey shurikens to cut the tail, or 4 blue shurikens.

  • After the tail is cut, the boss will be unable to use certain moves. After it TPs, you will do this all over again.

  • Experienced players would just not cut the tail because the boss would never TP away if it wasn't cut.

  • Periodically, Heavy Nakra will go through powerup charging phases as indicated below in the video.

  • You will see an electric charge starting near his tail going down to the center.

  • Each electric charge that reaches the center powerups the boss up to a max of 3 powerups.

  • Each powerup gives Nakrasena access to more moves.

  • To interupt these powerup phases, you must use your impairment skills on the boss.

  • A successful impairment during this phase does not count as a natural knock for bomb or cut.

  • The boss takes less damage during this charging phase until it finishes or gets back up from the break.

  • If an electric charge has reached his center, he keeps his powerup even after you impair him.

  • This counter carries over to the next powerup phase up to a maximum of 3 powerups.

  • On his 3rd successful electric charge, he will use an AoE outwards.

  • If you know you won't be able to break the 3rd charge in time, just run away.

  • After this, he will no longer do anymore of his powerup phases. This resets after TP.

1st Powerup Moves


  • There is a charging sound made when the boss will use this move.
  • Do not run in the same direction as other players because you might get other players caught.


  • Same telegraph as the powerup move. Easily dodgeable.

Upgraded Side Claw

  • His side claw swipe is upgraded. He gathers an electric charge at his claw then swings it to the side.

2nd Powerup Moves


  • Does the drums/bongos before calling down lightning AoE.
  • Unlike T2 Nakra, the safe spot for T4 Nakra is directly behind the bosses' hind legs.

3rd Powerup Moves


  • Burrows into the ground and spawns 5 scorpions. The boss doesn't chase you.
  • Recommended method of dealing with the scorpions is running together to the left or right.
  • This gives you a wider view and lets you gather them up so you can AoE them all down.
  • If you don't kill the scorpions in time, they will eventually have an electric AoE surrounding themselves.
  • Getting hit by these will chain paralyze and damage you.

Upgraded Bongos

  • Same telegraph as regular bongos. Only addition is that 8 electric AoE's are spawned.
  • Same safe spot as regular bongos.

General Moveset

Tail Swipe

  • Wider range than T2 Nakrasena. 
  • The initial tail slam in the middle staggers.
  • The swipe afterwards knocks you back. The CC can be avoided by spacing into the swipe or out of it.


  • The boss may do a pair of breaths, or back to back breaths.
  • Getting hit by these breaths apply a slow stack and burns most of your mana.


  • The boss can rush forward twice or once.
  • If doing it twice, the boss will raise its claws up after finishing the first charge and then charge again.
  • At the end of the 2nd charge, the boss will jump up and deal damage at landing location.

  • Charge one time.

  • Warlords can cancel the charge by taunting.

Front Tail Slam

  • The frontal tail slam follows the aggroed target. The boss may use it twice in a row.
  • Can be dodged by running to the side if your MS is high enough.
  • If not fast enough, can be dodged at the last second by using your space bar.

Side Tail Slam

  • The boss tilts to the side before bringing down his tail to the other.


  • Leaps, does a somersault and lands at another location.


  • Same as T2 Nakrasena.

Claw Crush

  • Same as T2 Nakrasena.

Side Claw Swipe

  • Same as T2 Nakrasena.

Frontal Claw Swipe

  • Same as T2 Nakrasena.


  • Instead of staggering you like T2 Nakrasena, this will knock you down.

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Guardian Raid T4-2: Lava Chrome

Clips from:

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup

Bard | Destroyer

Heavy Impairment

Destruction + Penetration Skills

Recommended Items

Corrosion Bomb | Destruction Bomb | Whirlwind Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Lava Chromanium operates almost the same way as regular Chromanium.

  • You must still break its armor, but both destruction and penetration skills work on its armor.

  • Consider using a corrosion bomb before having your party apply any parts destruction effects.

  • Lava Chromanium does not inherit the "must break armor to start dealing normal damage" mechanic.

  • Every time Lava Chromanium runs, you must break its armor all over again.

  • When the bosses armor is still intact, the boss will periodically call down meteors every ~18 seconds.

  • The meteors knock you down and deal a decent amount of damage.

  • After breaking the bosses armor, the boss will run away after ~3 minutes.

  • To prevent the boss from running away during this time, you must knock the boss.

  • Knocking the boss makes it so the 2nd and 3rd knock become easier.

  • The boss will always run shortly after the 3rd knock. (Unconfirmed, I need more info)

  • The boss takes extra damage when knocked just like regular Chromanium.

  • Because the boss doesn't run away unless the armor breaks, sometimes teams would just bring full damage team comps with few parts destruction skills to DPS the turtle down.

  • The boss will periodically spawn volcanoes.

  • Usually teams only kill one volcano to make sure they have room to DPS as referenced below in the video.

  • Teams may sometimes use a whirlwind bombs or ults to hit both the volcano and boss to not lose DPS.

  • If you opt to not kill at least 1 volcano, make sure to drag the boss out.

  • The volcanoes will spew rain around itself after a time.

  • The volcanoes will explode after a time. Make sure you're not near the volcano when it happens.

  • It has a large explosion radius as you can see in the below video.

  • At around 30% health, the boss will periodically use an AoE flame that spreads outwards.



  • This move is only used when the boss still has its armor. Burrows into the ground and then uses rain.

  • The boss may use this move after a "lunge forward - turn body slam" chain or after a single lunge forward.

  • While the boss may not always burrow after these attacks, the burrow is always preceded by these attacks.

Eruption (2 Types)

  • The 1st type is exactly the same as the move used by regular Chromanium.

  • The second type of eruption is used after a set attack sequence.

  • Gathers air near his legs before jumping up -> Turn Body Slam -> Lunge Forward -> Eruption.

  • If you have a warlord in your party, the warlord can always interrupt the boss by taunting.

  • You can see the boss being taunted in the middle of its attack sequence.

Flame Breath (2 Types)

  • The boss telegraphs this by gathering air and by "sliding" to its aggroed target before using the attack.

  • The attack zone covers a 180 degree cone.

  • This flame breath is also telegraphed by gathering air and "sliding" to its aggroed target.

  • Instead of covering a 180 cone, it covers a straight line.

Body Slam (3 Types)

  • Frontal body slam.

  • Side body slam.

  • Turns and jumps while doing a body slam.

Body Slam (3 Types)

  • Single lunge.

  • Double lunge.
  • Double lunge but switches directions after the 1st lunge.


  • Single cannon shot AoE.


  • Multiple small AoEs.

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Guardian Raid T3-3: Calventus

Clips from:

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup


Optional Items

Panacea | Talisman | Flash Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • The bosses dark attacks will apply a stacking debuff. Each debuff reduces armor by 10%.

  • The boss has 2 phases and an enrage phase. When you first encounter the boss, it will be in his 1st Phase.

  • When the boss TP's away, it will start at his 2nd Phase.

  • The 2nd phase is signaled by an AoE rain. There are 2 situations where this can occur.

  • The 1st situation is after the 1st knockdown. After getting back up, it will do it's AoE attack.

  • If you don't knock the boss, the boss will automatically use the AoE rain after ~3-4 minutes.

  • This starts the 2nd phase.

  • During the 2nd phase, the boss will periodically call down 4-5 dark orbs that move toward the boss.

  • The orbs can be staggered and the boss will not absorb them when the orbs are being engaged.

  • Allowing the boss to absorb ~4-5 orbs will enrage the boss. The enraged mode is signal by this attack.

  • Enraged mode will give the boss new and stronger attacks as well as higher attack speed.

  • You will also know when it's enraged when its eyes glow blue and leave an afterimage when moving.

  • The boss will still call down orbs, but these orbs are grayish in color and don't move to the boss.

  • Moving close to these orbs will make the orbs move toward you.

  • They explode on contact and apply the armor debuff.

  • Once enraged, you have to knock the boss to make it go back to its 2nd phase.

  • This is shown below. Once the boss gets back up from its knockdown, the stationary orbs disappear.

  • The soulmaster ult is not the one clearing the orbs.

Moveset (1st Phase)

Tail Swipe

  • The tail swipe can be confusing for newer players.

  • The tail swipe telegraph is easy to notice. The boss will look back at the side it wants to swing its tail to.

  • The tail will be brought down in the middle. The boss will move diagonally to the other side.

  • Then the boss will tail swipe the side it was originally looking at.

  • Easiest way for melee to dodge all future swipe attacks is to stand diagonally to the boss's back.

  • This way, you dodge the initial tail swipe slam down the middle.

  • Then you move towards the middle where the tail landed to dodge the swipe.


  • The boss will telegraph its charge. There will be an AoE around himself at the end location of its charge.

Double Pound

  • Self-explanatory.

Single Pound

  • Self-explanatory.

Double Pound into Single

  • Self-explanatory.

Combo Pounds

  • When the boss switches aggro, the boss likes turning around and following up with a pound attack.

Sky Attack

  • Jumps up into the air for a bit before landing forward and doing a cone AoE attack.

Sky Drop

  • Flies up into the air before landing back down on a target.


  • No damage for 1st phase backstep.

Moveset (2nd Phase - Inherits 1st Phase Moves)

Upgraded Backstep

  • The backstep during the 2nd Phase spawns whirlwinds that move forward.

  • 2 whirlwinds spawn in front before the whirlwinds on the side.

  • You can dodge the whirlwinds as shown below if you're in front when this happens.


  • Flies slowly up into the air before using its rain attack.

  • Safe spot is in the middle. Before it lands, make sure to dash out of the safe area before it lands.

Shadow Ball

  • Arches its back before launching a shadow ball at a target.

Triple Shadow Ball

  • An orb appears at the front before the boss splits it into three orbs that go outward.

Moveset (Enraged Mode - Inherits Previous Phase Moves)

Enraged Charge

  • When enraged, its charge becomes almost instant and he uses it back to back.

Enraged Shadow Ball

  • Arches up and uses a huge shadow ball attack.

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Guardian Raid T4-3: Levanos

Clips from:



Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup



Optional Items

Corrosion Bomb | Destruction Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Levanos has the same armor mechanics as Chromanium.

  • Destruction and penetration both work on Levanos, but penetration skills are less consistent.

  • Unless you're using penetration skills at the right angle, it won't affect the boss at all.

  • The boss's armor break animation is shown below.

  • The boss will periodically try to regenerate it's armor. The animation is below.
  • You must impair the boss during this time or else you will have to break its armor all over again.
  • At around 30% health, the boss will turn red and start Phase 2. 
  • The boss also regains its armor back so you must break its armor again.
  • A possible recovery move from an armor break, full knockdown, or core kill is shown below.
  • This is one of the bosses normal moves, but he is likely to use it after a core kill.
  • The boss will periodically summon up to 4 cores. You must kill these cores ASAP.
  • The core will usually teleport to another place after spawn.
  • Prenerf KR, the boss would usually TP during the 3rd core because teams could not kill the core in time.
  • I doubt that will be the case in RU. If the boss does TP away, you have to break its armor again.
  • You may want to use molotovs on these cores but again, I doubt that will be needed on RU.
  • The cores have mini versions of the bosses attacks, which are shown below.

Moveset (1st Phase - Above 30% Health)

Whirlwind (2 Types)

  • This is a move that is the most dangerous for unprepared players.
  • The telegraph is distinct and easily recognizable. 
  • The boss will raise its arms in the air and bring them down quickly before doing the attack.
  • This second type of whirlwind has almost the same telegraph, but the boss does it a lot slower.
  • The boss will then use whirlwind while moving forward.


  • The sound the boss makes for this move is very distinct. The boss will raise its arm up high for this attack.
  • The AoE's appear around an aggroed target.
Ghost Jets
  • Hard to describe the telegraph for this move but you will get used to it after a while.
  • It's also telegraphed by 4 blue spawn points that center at the boss.
  • The animation for this move is fairly slow. You will have ample time to notice the move.
  • After a short while, AoE's will come falling down.
Smash (2 Types)
  • Raises its arms before bringing them down to attack the front.
  • Almost the same telegraph as the previous move, but will do a huge frontal AoE cone as well.
Backstep (3 Types)
  • The boss has 3 possible followup attacks to its backstep ability.
  • The first possible is bombardment.
  • The second possible follow up is the smash frontal AoE cone.
  • The third possible is a moving whirlwind.