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Since Season 2 Patch note did not provide any informations of changes 

Official Link for Season 2 patch: Link

I manually checked all and made this guide hopely it's helpful.

+ There are some people asked about what is + PvE Stagger Resist, - Stagger resist

Those meant compared to S1 they added stagger resist on that skill or they removed

+ Any Feedbacks Please ask via youtube comment or discord channel

  1. 16 Classes(Except Reaper, Scouter) Balance Changes from S1
    1-1. Blaster Skills and Hawkeye Skill Effect Changes
  2. [PvE] Tier List August 12th ~ October 12th
  3. Let me do Research more and update for this part
    [PvP] Tier List and Stagger Resist & Duration Patch

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Season 2 Blaster Skill Effect & Hawkeye(Link Comment)

Season 2 PvE Tier

0 Support Holyknight, Bard, Warlord

1 Soulmaster, Summoner, Berserker, Blaster
2. Arcana, Battlemaster Hawkeye

3. Infighter

4. Destroyer

5. Blade

6. Demonic Devilhunter Lancemaster Scouter

'LostArk Update' 카테고리의 다른 글

LostArk Season 2 All Classes Balance Changes  (0) 2020.09.27
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LostArk Guide for Season 2 




Update Date for Season 2 will be August 12th 

Last Updated 2020-August-7th by ABC

Contact: AhnByungChan Twitch#8274

+: will be stacked up
S1: Season1
S2: Season2
(>1) : More than one


Expedition Bound

Delete - Replace to
1) Season 2 Item 2)Growth Material Exchange Token, 3) Pirate Coin, 4) Battleitem

Delete - No Replace

5) Engrave

Initialization - S1 Points Remain

Initialization - No Remain

Expedition Bound


Pirate Coin

Fragment of Crack

Above 3 Currencies will be shared into your expedition(+)

Delete - Replace
1) Season 2 Item

S1 Gears → S2 Gears
→ S2 Jewel

S1 Treasure map → S2 Treasure map
S1 Card 
→ S2 Card

S1 Affinity Item → S2 Affinity Item

2) Season 2 Growth Material Exchange Token
T3 Materials(Umanium, Galatonium, Breakthrough Stone etc)
Extra Sailing Luck Energy Item

Extra Guardian Try Item
Extra Weekly Raid Try Item

Weekly Raid Ticket(>1)

Extra Sillian Order Item

PvP EXP Boost Item(>1)

Extra Chaos Dungeon Try Item

Extra Event Chaos Dungeon

Antares Dungeon Ticket(>1)

Labyrinth Ticket(>1)

3) Pirate Coin
Blacktooth Seal

Surrounding Soul

SG Core

Ancient Mana Stone


Sailor Application(>1)

Ship Upgrade Material(>1)

4) Battleitem
Molotov cocktail
Stats Potion

Provocative scarecrow(>1)

Incomplete Cureall

Camouflage cloak

Bomb(Water, Penetration)
Potion(Thunder, Powerful Thunder)

Light body potion

Delete - No Replace
5) Engrave
All of Lifeskill related engraves(>1),

Invisible Evade

Double leap

Eter Vaporization
Defense balance

Treasure map

Silling Explosion

Potion Addiction


Luck Hunter

S1 Lifeskill Tool(>1)

S1 Lifeskill Material(>1) → Litter

Sailing Energy

Reverse Ruin and related Items(>1)

Battle Item(Lesser Flash, 15% HP Potion, Practice Bomb, Practice Shuriken)

Antares Boss Rush Token, Platinum Field Token

Chaos Gate Manastone(>1)

Labyrinth Fragment

S1 PvP Token(Old, New)

Lupeon Seal, Cashew Seed

Tricion Pass

Avatar Craft Function

Initialization - S1 Point Remain

Affinity Reward

Epona Reputation

AdventureBook Reward

Island Hearts
Mococo Reward

Expedition lvl Complete Reward(can be higher at S2)

Initialization - No Remain


Gaint Hearts
Sailing Adventures
Tower(Shadow, Fate)
Hard Mode Clear History(Title, Achievement Remain)

Detail Informations

Items and Tokens currently holding also will be reorganized(replaced etc)

- Weapon and Armor Season1(T1~T3) will replaced as Season 2 -> Mystic etc

-> Ilvl also can be changed due to new gears but it will be adjusted depends on your current gear

- Acessaries and ability stone currently you have also will be replaced based on your ilvl -> Random Box(?), ability stone

Season 1 Access+ability stone will be removed 

It gives random option★

Scroll System will be deleted -> replaced as Jewel boxes based on your scroll lvl

Those Scroll not used yet also will be replaced -> you get more jewel boxes

it gives random option★

Season 1 (T1~T3) materials will be replaced as 'token' that you can exchange into Season 2 New material

Those quantity of exchange rate could be slightly different.

Enrave collect counts will be all 20 (example grudge 2/3(season1), 14/20(season2)) will be adjusted properly same rate.

Current Engrave Level that you have will be replaced as certain amounts of engrave points that you can give to your ring at the season2.

Season 2 Engraves lots will be gone(example: Telescope, Invincible Evasion, Lucky Hunter)

All of Lifeskill Engrave will be deleted

Lifeskill Level will be seperated for each lifeskill and bounded for your expedition

Lifeskill Level will be divided same rate for each lifeskill from season 1 lifeskill that based on your highest lifeskill level among those your all characters(same server)

Life Skill Initialization Ticket, Potion to increase life experience (50%) will be replaced as lifeskill experience potion for season2 that provides certain amounts of all lifeskill experience itself.

S1 Lifeskill tool will be removed.

S1 lifeskill crafting material like (Season 1 Living & Crafting Materials, Living Guidance Sculpture, Rune Stone

Shipbuilding wood and iron plate made from season 1 living materials) will be categorized as litter

Sailing those down below will be replaced as pirate coin

★Sailor and Crew application(Unique Sailor gone)

Ship upgrade material

Sailing and island activity rewards

Black Tooth Token, Surrounding Soul, Core SG, Ancient Manastone

Giena's sailor's Badge, Procyon sailor's Badge

The Lucky Energy system is removed

Lucky Essence item held in Season 1 is replaced with a token item that can be exchanged for Season 2 Growth Materials.


Guardian Raid has been renamed Guardian Punishment 

Guardian repositioned 

Guardian will be cleared depends on your season 2 ilvl

and Those first clear reward automatically provides via your mail depends on above clear

Guardian Clear Record will be reset (But, Season 1 title and those achivement remains)

Those Items(Guardian Soul Harvest +1, Weekly Raid +1,2 weekly raid admission tickets) will be replaced as S2 Growth Material


Those Items(Chaos Dungeon +1, Event Chaos Dungeon. Antares' 2 Nightmare ticket, Labyrinth ticket) will be replaced as S2 Growth Material

Reverse Ruin 'Finally' decided to not use Season 2

those will be deleted (Bracelet items, Bracelet Crafting material, Reverse Ruin basic item(Sphere))

and ★No reward just will be gone.

Sillian Order

Cube, Boss Rush, Platinum Field seperated for cotents with each tickets.

+1 Sillian Order will be replaced S2 Material.

Reset records rewards for every towers(shadow,fate) that you can try and claim again for season 2

Secret Treasuremap will be replaced (S1->S2)

Drop Rate&Reward has been changed


S1 Cards can't be used at S2

Those already acquired cards at the S1 will be replaced as 'token' that you can exchange into S2 Cards

that based on card difficulty to acquire, how polished, card rank

* Upgrading mats also will be deleted

Battle Items

Lowest Flash Grenade, Lowest HP Potion(15%), Pratice shuriken, Practice bomb will be removed at S2

Down Below will be replaced as S2 BattleItems like Battlie Item Box, or Flare or HP potion.

(Provocative scarecrow, unstable all-around medicine, stomach cloak 

Water Bomb, Penetration Bomb, Thunder Potion, Powerful Thunder Potion, Molotov cocktail, Light Body Potion

,All Rank of Fatality, Specialization, Subdue, Agility, Patience, and Proficiency Potion )

Except above battleitem will be remained as S2

Acquisition way of battle item can be changed

S1 Battle Item Box will be replaced as S2 battle item box

Season 1 Food will be remained but Minimum lvl that you can use food will be changed.


Affinity points will be maintained at S2

Reward will be initialized you can claim one more time at S2

Reward items that have not been received in Season 1 will be received.

Some special rewards may be processed as already received according to the season 1 history.

Season 1 Affinity Gift Item will be replaced S2 affinity items.


Epona Reputation will be remained at S2

But those reward will be initialized so that you can claim 1 time more at S2

If you didn't claim the reward yet at S1 then will be received at S2 automatically


AdventureBook Complete Rate will be remained at S2

You can claim 1 time more at S2

If you didn't claim the reward yet at S1 then will be received at S2 automatically

Gaint Hearts, Masterpiece, Adventure Sailing Object

★ will not be remained it's all reset (from 0 you start)

You can claim again reward with S2 reward

Due to several contents provides above collectives if could be complete some

If you didn't claim the reward yet at S1 then will be received at S2 automatically

Island Hearts, Mococo

will be remained

but reward reset, so that S2 you can claim again

Due to several contents provides above collectives if could be complete some

If you didn't claim the reward yet at S1 then will be received at S2 automatically 

Expedition LvL

will be remained

but reward reset, so that S2 you can claim again

Due to several contents provides above collectives if could be complete some

If you didn't claim the reward yet at S1 then will be received at S2 automatically

Collectives contents provides expedition exp because of it could be processed as already received -> expedition can be higher at S2

Currencies and tokens

Shilling, Pirate Coin, and Fragment of Crack have been changed to Expedition Shared Goods

Islands Tokens(Goblin Gold Coin, Jelly Coin, Elemental Gift, Wrong Piece, Crystal-Scaled Scale, Piece of Blood, Tangle Peach) will be changed as normal items that can be inventory.

Down Below Tokens will be removed(★No replace, no reward)

(Antares Coin, Platinum Coin, Lupeon Seal, Cashew Seed

Chaos Gate(Madness, darkness, disease, dreamstone)

Labyrinth Fragment(Silence, Void, Pride)

PvP S1-Fighting Token)

Tricion Pass

will be refunded for royal crystal(cash)

due to upgrade version of tricion pass official name 'LA Express'

Season 2 Changes etc

Permenant Stats from Permenant potion will be replaced

Season 1 Cashew Seed permenant stats will be removed and will be repositioned

All of permenant stats from those potions that you could get from card battle will be removed it will be replaced as S2 affinity Reward

PvP History will be reset but those tokens will be removed

Before Start new season you can't claim PvP tokens

PvP Boost Potion will be gone -> replaced S2 Growth Material

(★)Costum(Avatar) Crafting system will be removed at S2 but once you already crafted will be remained 

Other Process

Selection Item Boxes if those have Items&Tokens that will be removed at S2, will be removed from list.

Box items that only pay for reorganized items are treated the same as the alternative payment criteria for those items. 

For a box item that contains some of the items subject to reorganization, the contents of the box are changed to an item based on an alternative payment.

※ The same criteria apply to box items purchased at Lost Arc Shop, such as coin selection boxes.

※ Some special items may be subject to alternative payments.

Auction Locked from today to until August 12th

Maireshop several products also locked unitl august 12th

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Due to Upload Error Let me replace link of other blog

sorry for inconveience
Please check down below link for Season 2 information part2

There are tons of pictures loading page takes long time(1~2 minutes)
★Part 2: https://lostarktip.blogspot.com/2020/08/lostark-season-2-part2.html

Lost ark season 2



Part 2


1. Leveling

2. Lifeskill & Sillian Order

3. Housing

4. Guardian & New Dungeon

5. Collectives

6. Sailing

7. Card

8. Engrave

9. New Gear System


11. etc

12. Unsure Things

13. Things to do for Season 2 

1. Leveling

Picture1. Old Leveling material 'Arkracium'

Deleted Old Growth Method with Arkracium

T1~T2 will have T3 Growth Method

New added Material

All material can be traded 

Destruction Stone Fragment

Guardian Stone Fragment

Breakthrough Stone of Harmony

★Veilnil Melting Material(Check 2.Lifeskill Section)

After Reach at ilvl 310(All Parts +3) you should get this stone from auction or crafting from your housing

But, at the beginning price can be very high(at the JP nobody sold) crafting also ask lvl 5 housing lvl

FYI, Ilvl 325 you can try Abyss Dungeon and Abyss Dungeon drop this mat(Check 4.New Dungeon)

Fragment of Harmony

Similar as T3 mat resources

Resources: Chaos Dungeon, Guardian Punishment etc

Protection of Star, Bless of Star, Grace of Star

Correspondent as 'Breath' at T3

Resources: Cube, Archeology Treasuremap etc

Polishing Example Picture from JP CBT

lvl 3 → 4
llvl 11 → 12

2. Lifeskill

Lifeskill Renewal

Lifeskill Energy is bounded for your expedition(not anymore each character)

Lifeskill leveling is separated so that you get each lifeskill exp from each lifeskill 

Lifeskill tool has durability points you can repair
Lifeskill tool you can buy from shop with your silling but there is time limit for buying again

Cost is changed silling to gold

food craft cost also ask gold

Platinum Field UI

It's ask about each ticket for trying and those tickets you can farm when you do lifeskill

Map is same but materials and reward are changed especially when you collect platinum mat in the platinum field

You get red bags

Red bag drop items

Red bags could be useful due to there is each lifeskill objects have level from this video youtu.be/rpl1wcL8QsU?t=146 there was no level at the Japan CBT. Because of Lifeskill object level could be hard to get good material.
But red bags you can acquire those mats as random.

★Veilnil Melting Material

One of most important material at T1 

from left mining, Lumbering, Fishing -> Pearl, you can get from Lakebar at Luteran Continent

Fishing -> Gold Pearl you can get from Arthetaine

In the picture for 5 material 30 minutes cost. If lucky with huge success then 10 materials can be craft

platinum field is seperated from silliand order

Cube access object

Cube Ticket you can acquire

Reward: , no gold

Antares Boss Rush access