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  1. 2019.11.08 Misconceptions About Elemental Weapons

Misconceptions About Elemental Weapons

Pictures: Courtesy of Dosadi

  • I'm seeing this huge misconception about attack power of elemental weapons vs. normal weapons.

  • Yes, the elemental weapon looks like it has lower attack damage than the normal weapon, but that does not mean it does less damage than a normal 385 ilvl weapon in any situation.

  • A 390 ilvl raid weapon would do just a little more damage than the 390 ilvl elemental weapon though.

  • But let's actually take a look at the expanded character stats with a 390 elemental weapon and a 385 ilvl      weapon equipped. 


  • The left image is elemental. The right image is normal ilvl 385.

  • The 1st and 3rd row of the expanded character stats tell you the attack power you have.

  • When using your elemental weapon and fighting normal mobs or other players, both the AP from the 1st and 3rd row gets combined when calculating total damage. So 347 + 346 = 693. Your total AP would then be 693.

  • Bosses like Levanos and Frost Regi only take extra damage depending on the AP from the 3rd row.

  • With the normal weapon, all your AP is on the 1st row only, so the total is 680 

  • Let's take a look at the scaled stats in structured PvP. The left is ilvl 390 ele, the right is ilvl 385.

  • You will see that since both 1st and 3rd row gets scaled in arena.


  • The ilvl 385 weapon does not do more damage than the 390 elemental weapon in any situation.

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