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  • Diamond cube is an alternative way to make money besides doing plat fields.

  • The diamond chest rewards 16k shilling and on average around 160 gold.

Cube Mechanics
  • Cube mechanics are pretty simple, there are 13 different stages that you can encounter.

  • You can tell what kind of stage will be next depending on the color you see on the teleport platform.

  • You also get random buffs or debuffs each stage that last either 1 or 2 turns.

  • Some debuffs make the round end 10 seconds sooner.

  • The corresponding colors for stages and buffs / debuffs are listed below.

  • You get more points for each stage if more people stay alive and if you clear the stage faster.

Recommended Engravings
Gladiator Engraving

Initative Engraving

Recommended Items
  • Scarecrows and campfires are a must to do diamond cube if you're low ilvl. If you're 545+, it's not necessary.
  • Sometimes you can get the +200% damage taken debuff and/or 70% reduced health debuff on a green stage which can end the run. This is where you put down a scarecrow to draw aggro.
  • Campfires are there to help heal between. Order of campfires is 1,2,3,4.
  • The 3rd item can be a grey AoE stun bomb which stuns for 2 seconds.
Blue - Bomb Stage | Short: 01:15 | Long: 01:35

White - Melee/Ranged/Elite Stage | Short: 00:55 | Long: 01:15

Green - Ranged Stage | Short: 00:55 | Long: 01:15

Purple - Elite Stage | Short: 01:10 | Long: 01:30 

Red - Boss Stage | Short (1 Boss): 01:15 | Long (2 Bosses): 01:45
Gold - Money Stage | 3 Types
Possible Buffs

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