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  1. 2020.09.12 Abyss Dungeon Guides

Abyss Dungeon Guides

  • Upper T1, and T2 dungeons are probably only going to get mechanics done for them.

  • I will eventually do T3 dungeons in full.

  • I have all the videos I need. The problem is I don't have time due to work and playing on JP server.

  • If someone wants to help me cut the videos, let me know.

Lower T1-325/340 (Done)


Upper T1-415 (Not done)


Lower T2 (Not done)


Upper T2-915/915/960 (Not done)


Lower T3-NM (1325/1340) HM (1340/1355) (Not done)


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Abyss Dungeon Guides  (0) 2020.09.12
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