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  1. 2020.09.20 S2 Pirate Coin Sources

S2 Pirate Coin Daily Sources 

Source: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=243174&site=lostark&sw=%EC%B5%9C%EB%AF%BC%ED%98%B8&searchwhere=writer

  • Pirate coins now come from co-op sea activities.

  • Co-op sea activities now spawn at 19:30, 21:30, and 23:30.

  • Completing the sea activities rewards both keys and coins.

  • Green missions rewards Guiena's Coins, Blue -> Krater's Coins, Orange -> Arcturth's Coins, Yellow -> Ancient Coins, Pink -> Solar Coins

  • Missions also rewards keys which you can exchange for pirate coins inside corresponding gateways.

  • For example, green missions reward Keys to Harmony. Blue missions reward Keys to Wisdom. etc.

  • Gateways spawn at certain times and also reward more coins.

  • At ports, there are also ships in which you can exchange purple coins for pirate coins.

  • Outside Papunika's port, you can exchange solar coins for tears of the abyss, which is used to exchange for artifact sailors on Mist Island.

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