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  1. 2020.06.25 Lost Ark Scouter Guide(included Labyrinth, Reverse Ruin, Raid, PvP Skill Build, Engrave)

Lost Ark Scouter Guide

Last Updated 2020-June-25 by ABC

Contact: AhnByungChan Twitch#8274


1. Characteristic 

2. Skills with Tripods
3. Engrave, Stats

4. Build

PvE-Raid(~T2, T3~)


PvE-Reverse Ruin

PvP-(Solo, 3v3)

5. Gearing and Polishing
6. Gossip and Extra Information

1. Characteristic

Scouter Class is considered as  'Evolutionary Completion' with high technology that is called ' Hyper-Sync'

Official Trailor for Scouter


The main weapon is Sub-machinegun.

Some Skills cooperate with remote drone.

* Identity Detail

Name: Hyper-Sync

When Hyper-Sync state is on, Scouter wears a drone jumpsuit. image

It gives shield for scouter self and buff to ally.

Also, It gives new 6 skills that Scouter can use only during the Hyper-Sync mode.

More details will be updates later


2. Skills with Tripods

3. Engrave and Stats

4. Build

5. Gearing and Polishing
6. Gossip and Extra Information

Same Issue like Demonic will be explained with soon #add
Future PvP OP Class 

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