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Island Heart

  • The island heart can be obtained after purchasing two of these items for 100 blood tokens each. The merchant will appear after the PvP cooperative quest. After you buy the quest starter, use it and you should receive a quest. 

  • Go to the question mark in the middle of the island and enter the instance. Complete it then exit.

  • After you enter the island again, you will see this person with a quest after the cooperative quests end. Enter the instance again to get the heart.

Cooperative Island Quest | PvP Island Quest

  • 3 minutes after you enter the island, a PvE cooperative quest starts. 400 enemies must be killed before it ends. Rewards are shown below.
  • 1st Place = 15 Blood Tokens | 2nd = 14 | 3rd = 13 | 9th = 5

  • Right after this quest finishes, a PvP cooperative quest will start soon after. A total of 1000 points across all players must be achieved before it ends.
  • A kill counts as 10 points, an assist counts as 5 points.
  • 1st Place = 100 Blood Tokens | 2nd = 80 | 3rd = 70 | 4th = 50 | 5th = 40 | Rest = 20

Mokoko Seed


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