Island of Blue Wind [Echo Island]


Island Heart | Mokoko Seed

  • Follow the initial yellow quest you get from the island.

  • Afterwards you must complete 31 yellow quests located by interacting with toy horses either in plain view or hidden. The 31 yellows quests are located at the yellow dots in the picture above.

  • These yellow quests require you to either run from point to point, play a song, solve riddles, or put items to match the other side much like the chess board in the Rohendel dungeon.


  • After 31 yellow quests are completed, you may then complete 4 yellow quests located at the green dots. These are just the final quests for each mini game.

  • The location for the final riddle quest is located at the red dot.

  • After all 4 quests are completed, the quest for the heart may be received.

Island Quest

  • Hidden purple quest located at purple dot in the red circle all the way to the left of the map. Enter a hidden dungeon.

  • Use the Song of Spring in front of the egg to activate it.

  • The purple quest requires you to go to Peach Blossom Island.


  • To get the currency to trade for these bags, you must do the cooperative island quest on the map.

  • You must one of two horses given to you through completion of the island quests.

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