Shadow Moon Market [Wonder Island]


Island Heart | Mokoko Seed

  • To receive the island heart and the 12th giant heart you must complete 5 tasks, in any order.

  • The 1st task is to complete a cooperative quest that spawns every hour at :47 minutes (I think). 
  • The 2nd task is to get an achievement for the hidden story completion on the island.

  • You 3rd task is to complete the island's daily 5 times.

  • The 4th task is to photograph 100 blue, green and red fireflies for an achievement using the items at the yellow dots.
  • You must also photograph 30 golden fireflies for an achievement.
  • Go all in on this task after you complete the island's daily 5 times. Part of the island daily requires you photograph the fireflies anyway.
  • You may also complete this in groups and your party member's photographs count for this.

  • The 5th task is to complete a hidden purple quest on the island.


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