Village of Fugitives

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Island Heart

  • The island heart can be obtained after completing the epona daily for this island 7 times.

Island Quest

  • To unlock the epona daily, you must first complete the purple quest on the island.

  • You need 250 pirate coins before you're able to finish the purple quest, but you do get them back again afterwards.

  • Part of the purple quest will ask you to buy 5 daggers from a store, which cost 50 pirate coins each.

  • After you finish the purple quest, you get access to this Epona daily.

  • The Epona will want you to talk to 3 types of fugitives that randomly spawn around the map. 
  • They disappear once someone talks to them. Potential spawn points are listed below. 
  • Only one type of fugitive can be on the map at any given time. 

Mokoko Seed

4. Play Song of Resonance at the statue indicated in the picture to enter.

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