Peach Blossom Island

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  • Random spawn in one of three locations.

  • This is a timed island spawn.

Island Heart

  • The island heart can be obtained by buying the tree sprout for 5600 peaches.

  • The best way to farm all these peaches is to get a group to cover different parts of the map. As long as you're in a party, things you kill have a chance at dropping peaches for your other party members. Just remember to run around the map collecting all the dropped peaches before the map ends.

  • After, enter the Golden Peach Tree located in the 2nd image. 

  • Then plant the sprout at the location in the 3rd image.

  • You may gain the island song, gained from completing the quests on the island. You can also play the song near "unblossomed" plants to "blossom" them and gain materials.

Mokoko Seed

  • To get these seeds and enter the hidden areas where the seeds are located, you must use these wines pictured below. 

  • The blue wines gives you a buff that lasts for 5 minutes. It can be bought from the merchant on the island. Scroll below to the Merchant category to see.

  • A purple wine can be crafted that will give you a buff that lasts for 10 minutes, but must be consumed within 20 minutes. It will also give you a movement speed buff. It can be crafted at the chef pictured below.






Collection of Essences (Achievement Points) (Some Require Wine)

Treasure Box Locations (Contains Materials) (Some Require Wine)


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