GR T5-3: Carl Eligos (Non-GIF Version)

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Important: Learn the two biggest damage windows.

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup


Elemental Damage (Golden Orbs Take Reduced Physical Damage)

35 Levels of Parts Destruction (Maybe Nerfed in RU)

Recommended Runes

60% Lightning Resistance | 100% Paralyze Immunity

Required Items

Penetration Bomb or Destruction Bomb or Blue Shuriken | Corrosion Bomb | Camouflage Robe

Recommended Loadout

DPS 1 | Penetration Bomb or Destruction Bomb or Dark Bomb | Camouflage Robe


DPS 2 | Penetration or Destruction Bomb or Specialty Pot or Adrophin | Camouflage Robe


DPS 3 | Penetration or Destruction Bomb or Signal Flare | Camouflage Robe

Bard | Penetration or Destruction Bomb or Corrosion Bomb | Camouflage Robe

  • A soulmaster is good for this boss if the soulmaster is accompanied by good team party buffs. 

  • A good soulmaster crit on ult during the knock phase of this boss goes a long way.

  • This video below is a random korean streamer hitting a 6 million crit ult.

  • This soulmaster also has the engraving where you ignore 30% armor if impaired.

  • The summoner also provides 40% armor reduction.

  • Soulmaster is not required though, you can still clear without a soulmaster.

General Battle Mechanics

  • Assign a clock position to everyone in the group in which they cover.

  • Clock positions can be 12->2, 3->5, 6->8, 9->11.

  • Make sure your team has enough elemental damage, this will be explained in the phase mechanics.

  • After the 1st phase, orbs will periodically appear. You must prevent most orbs from reaching the boss.

  • The below picture indicates their health. The cerulean orbs move faster than the blue orbs.

  • Very good windows for buffs and damage are after sky attacks and "up" attacks.

Battle Gimicks
  • Random geysers will appear while you are fighting the boss. 

  • Stepping over them activates them and they erupt shortly after.

  • Random lightning strikes appear during the fight. 

  • Random tornadoes appear around the map and go in random directions.

1st to 2nd Phase Transition

  • The boss transitions to the 2nd phase from the 1st phase once it reaches 95% health. 

  • This is first signaled by it taking a reduced amount of damage and then call down light blue and blue orbs.

  • You must not allow a significant number of orbs reach the boss from this point on.

  • The best way to deal with these orbs is assign a clock position to every member in the group. 

  • Once these orbs come down, everyone should know their orb coverage due to clock positions.

  • The boss will continue to call down orbs at specific intervals. Sacrifice yourself to kill them if needed.

2nd Phase Mechanic: Golden Orb
  • After a certain amount of time or health threshold, the boss will go invincible and fly up into the air. 

  • The boss will appear back down in the middle of the encounter zone.

  • Make sure no one is near the landing zone or else they will die.

  • Orbs will appear relative to Lightning Kal's position. 

  • This means they will appear directly opposite from the boss's head, left wing, right wing, and tail.

  • Assuming your team has assigned clock positions, everyone should know which locations they are covering. 

  • If the head of the boss is facing 10 o' clock, guess who is going to be covering that location.

  • 2-3 blue orbs will spawn first, then 2-3 cerulean orbs will spawn shortly after.

  • Golden orbs appear in any location and must be dealt with asap. 

  • They have neutralization bars and take extremely reduced physical damage.

  • Elemental skill damage is still reduced but not as much as physical damage

  • You must use elemental damage to kill these golden orbs quickly. Consider changing tripods.

  • If no orbs get to the boss AND very few orbs reach the boss from before the start of this mechanic, you will be able to knock the boss. 

  • This is the BIGGEST damage window you have. 

  • Throw dark bombs and throw in all your buffs and throw in all your damage.

  • If by this time, you get the health to 60%-65%, your team is in good shape to clear the raid.

  • If you fail to knock the boss even though you kill all golden orbs, it's because it absorbed normal orbs.

  • It might also be that not enough impairment was done to the boss during this time.

  • If you fail to knock, consider restarting.

  • If a golden orb is absorbed, it will automatically proceed to the dribble mechanic. 

  • You can use this opportunity to practice the dribble mechanic if you so wish.

2nd Phase Mechanic: Dribble
  • Shortly after the golden orb phase, whether you completed it successfully or not, the dribble phase starts. 

  • All players except for one player run out of the encounter zone.

  • You kite the boss until a blue AoE appears around your character. 


  • ~4 seconds after the blue AoE disappears, have everyone come back in using the camouflage robe.

  • After a short duration, the boss will go up and use golden AoE's in a ring. A golden AoE appears around someone at the same time. 

  • Have the other 3 members go to the boss and stack up. 

  • The person with the golden AoE comes in later and 4 lightning strikes will appear and damage the boss.

  • After, have the 3 members walk out again as you will have to repeat the same kite process again.

  • Have the members come back in a 2nd time with using the robe after the cooldown is up. 

  • Once someone gets the golden AoE around them, have the 3 other members stack up near the horn. 

  • If you did everything right, the 2nd round of 4 lightning strikes will knock the boss.

  • After the knock, the horn becomes breakable.

  • Usually, if you didn't knock, it's because 8 lightning strikes didn't hit.

  • Make sure your members stack up before the AoE circle guy comes in.

  • Corrosion bomb can be applied before you even see the breakable part.

  • The horn requires 35 destruction to break. If you don't break the horn, wipe and try again.

  • Successfully breaking the horn makes the boss's attacks slower and will TP away soon thereafter.

  • After finding it again, it will start at the 2nd phase.

Low Health Mechanic: Four Orbs
  • A huge orb appears in random locations.

  • This orb splits into four cardinal directions.

2nd Phase Moveset

Backstep into Sky Attack

  • Does a backstep into a sky attack.

  • 2nd best damage window as you can set up damage to where it will land.


  • Flies up into the air and summons two rings of lightning strikes.

  • Best damage window as you can set up buffs and damage to where it will land.


  • Standard frontal charge. AoE around itself at landing location.

Back Orb

  • The boss will arch up and fire an orb. This means the orb will split into 3 orbs traveling backwards.

Front Orb Shotgun

  • A huge orb will appear in front of its mouth. The boss will then stick its head towards the front.

  • The orb will then split into 3 orbs frontwards.

General Moveset

Double Stomp

  • These stomps staggers. Sometimes follows up with single stomp with a knockup.

Single Stomp

  • This stomp does a knock-up. The boss likes re-positioning before using it.

Tail Swipe

  • Same as normal calventus. Safe area to stand is diagonal to the boss's back. 

  • Once the tail hits the middle, go to the other side.


  • Landing location does damage.

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