Information mainly from Reitear and what I see on Loaehae/Inven.

Remnant Aura

  • The description seems self-explanatory. Since I haven't played Blade myself, I'm going off of Loahae.

  • The engraving is popular among all the top Blade players.

  • The engraving is purchased for 400k shilling at the main city vendors. (Luxury Merchant)

Super Charge Engraving

  • Blade's Charge skills are Soul Absorber and Blitz Rush.

  • Remnant Aura and Super Charge don't appear together, and one is usually taken in place of the other.

  • The 1st Super Charge Book is obtained from Tier 1 Accessory Maps.

  • The 2nd is obtained from Tier 2 Accessory Maps. 

  • The 3rd book drops from T7 Igrexion Raid (GR27).


  • Engraving pictures are self-explanatory. Super Charge and Grudge should be the two main engravings on RU.

  • The 1st engraving requires 3 unique books. They come from Goblin Island Max Epona Reputation, Slime Island [Slysburg] Max Epona Reputation, and Island of Sublimity (West Sea).

  • The 2nd engraving requires 3 books. They can drop from Island of Serene Sabbath Boss + Reward Box (Low Drop Rate), Blue Hole Island (Auction), and Illusion Island (ultra fucking low drop rate, fuck this island).

  • The 3rd engraving comes from T6 Akates Raid (GR23). You need 20 of them.


  • Back attacks deal 20/30% more damage.

  • The 1st engraving requires 20 books. The 1st book is obtained from Tier 1 Calendar Boss spawns.

  • The 2nd engraving requires 2 books. The 1st is from maxing out affinity with Sasha (KR). The 2nd is unknown.

Invincible Evasion

  • When using your spacebar, you gain invincibility for the duration of the spacebar give or take half a second.

  • Drops from Tier 2 Calendar Bosses.

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