Argon Island

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Island Heart

  • You must break ice pillars and spawn an ice statue to obtain the heart.

  • To even get a chance at the heart, the pillar must not be broken with overkill damage. That is, if it has 10 health left and you do 11 damage, you won't even get a chance at getting the heart.

  • Only once you break the pillar with no overkill damage, you will have a high chance of getting the heart.

  • The pan you get from 2 Mark of Ignea rewards.

  • Using the pan is the most ideal method of obtaining the heart since you can't overkill with 1 damage.

  • Taking all your armor and accessories off and doing damage with your bare fists do 10 damage.

  • Try to get the ice pillar as low as possible before trying to hit it with a pan or bare fists; reference below.

  • Once you can't see any red left in the bar, that is when you use your fists or pan.

  • The below 2 pictures are for reference for comparison.

  • 1st has a tiny bar left and you can clearly see red in the 2nd.

  • Only 11 statues appear per day. This resets at 12:00am KST.

  • Ice pillars will keep re-spawning until all ice statues are created for the day. 

  • The 1st picture are spawn locations for pillars.

  • An ice pick can also randomly drop if you break an ice pillar. 

  • It also deals the same amount of damage as the pan, dealing 1 damage.


Mokoko Seed

4. Requires Minuet of the Forest Song

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