Illusion Island [Caprea]

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Island Heart

  • The island heart can be randomly obtained from a reward chest from the island PvP quest.

  • This is a timed island spawn.

PvP Island Quest

  • The quest starts 3 minutes after entry.

  • Tombstones will spawn on the map and interacting with these tombstones will give a temporary attack buff.

  • The quest ends after a total of 1500 points from all players are attained. 
  • Kills give 10 points and assists give 5 points. 
  • You will not receive a chest unless you have at least 30 points.

  • The chest will have a chance at the island heart and the Grudge 2 engraving.

Grudge 2: Deal 15% more damage to bosses, but take 20% more damage.

Mokoko Seed

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