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Island Heart

  • The island heart can be randomly obtained from a reward chest from the island PvP quest.

  • This is a calendar island.

Cooperative Island Quest
  • After 3 minutes of entering the island, a cooperative PvP quest will start.
  • All players are randomly divided into 2 teams. 
  • The top color team will indicate your own team, while the bottom color team are the opponents.

  • Refer to the map key below. Once the quest begins, mirrors will spawn at the stars. 

  • Shrines will be at the pentagons. 

  • Movement speed ether buffs will spawn at the blue circles, which grant 40% movement speed for 8 seconds. 

  • Attack ether buffs will spawn at the red circles, which grant 100% attack power for 3 minutes.

  • The goal is to reach 2000 points. A kill is worth 10 points and assists are worth 5 points.

  • The main method of gaining points is by using the mirror and using the Q ability on the shrine. 

  • Using this ability grants 12 points every 50% of the Q hold. Refer to the left GIF below.

  • The W ability of the mirror also does an AoE knockdown but doesn't get you any points. Refer to the right GIF.

  • Island heart can be received from the reward chest everyone gets.

  • You also get a legendary ability stone and the Ether Evaporation II engraving.

Mokoko Seed

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