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  1. 2020.08.09 Lost Ark PvP Guide [in Progress]

LostArk PvP Guide

by Ahnbyungchan


Contact: AhnByungChan Twitch#8274


  1. Introduction

  2. Overall PvP System

  3. PvP Battle Stats
  4. ★PvP - Hit Referee
    - Offense[Normal, Stagger(weak, force) Physical CC, Hard CC]
    - Defense[Normal, Stagger Immune, Physical CC Immune, CC Immune]

  5. Optimize Functions(In-game, out- game)
  6. PvP Build 
  7. PvP Combo
  8. PvP Contents(1vs1, 3vs,3 free for all, GvG, etc)

  9. PvP Reward

1. Introduction

Lost ark PvP system is well-made but also there is no PvP guides in-game.

So that, I make this guide for newbies who try PvP Contents in LostArk.

Especially, certain skills have stagger that you can resist with your auto-attacking or skills that don't have stagger immune. but also you can't resist to certain skills not like above.

If you know those all game is much fun so let me give you this guide.
Let's check gogo.

2. Overall PvP System

Modification at Arena : 
Works: Battle Stats, Max Skill Points, Skill Tripod
Not Works: Ilvl based Damage, Engrave, Rune, Jewel, Improved Tripod. etc
Total Stats Fixed: 1542, Max Stats of one stat: 1235
Equalized: Base Damage and HP&Armor will be fixed -> Link: Here
Force Physical Immunehttps://lostark.game.onstove.com/News/Notice/Views/824 @ Update

3. PvP Stats

4. PvP - Hit Referee

● Stagger: Weak, Force
+Pull(Weak), Pull(Force), Push(Force)
● Physical CC: Airborne, Knockdown, Knockback(Airborne),
● Hard CC: Stun, Lightning, Fear, EarthQuake, Frozen, Petrification
Frozen, Petrification are considered as bad due to sometimes not able to cause stagger combo after CC

Weak Stagger < Physical CC: Stagger can be protected by Physical CC immune

Examples of Weak Stagger, Force Stagger
: @Update

Posted by ahnbyungchan
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