Rohendel 로헨델 Another Story

#1 엘조윈에 울려퍼지는 음악

  • The quest starts in Roarun as a yellow chain quest. In the 3rd part of the quest chain, you go to Glass Lotus Lake. 

  • After finishing the quest in Glass Lotus Lake, no more quest markers appear. 

  • Instead you must interact with a hidden object at this location.

  • Another chain quest will now appear in the same map.

  • Finish that quest and go back to Rohendel's main city and you will find another yellow chain quest.

  • Then go back to Silver Wave Lake and take the yellow quest (if you have not already completed all yellow quests in the zone) from the NPC medelleri. The NPC is the one below the mailbox that is in the center of the 3 mailboxes.

  • Once the above is completed, another chain quest appears in Rohendel.

  • After above is completed, go back to Silver Wave Lake to complete the yellow chain quest.

  • Now then go back to the main city to finish #1 Another Story.

#2 다시, 제자리로 

'Unsorted > Adventure Book Unsorted' 카테고리의 다른 글

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