Sleeping Song Island [Singing Island]

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  • Island spawns every 3 hours.

  • Requires Music of Resonance which can be obtained for 10 Ancient Mana Stones on Payto.

  • Purple quest will give you Minuet of the Forest.

Island Heart

  • The island heart can be obtained from completing a cooperative quest and obtained randomly from the reward chest for that quest. The purple quest given on the island eventually leads you to that cooperative quest. The cooperative quest is detailed below.

Island Quest
  • Upon entering the island you will see a purple quest. You must talk to 3 fairies and pick the right dialogue chains to complete their quizzes. These fairies are easily found by listening to their songs. It's a fairly distinct song. You can do that, or just look at these pictures.

  • After the dialogues, you must obtain 3 Voice of the Forests [Singing Flutes].
  • You must enter the passage behind the vines pictures on the left picture. After 3 minutes of entering the island, a cooperative quest will appear. You must play the Music of Resonance to enter past the vines. 
  • After you enter the passage, there will be another cooperative quest (right picture). Music of Resonance must be played 30 times to finish the quest.


  • Finishing the quest will give you the reward box. You can obtain the heart randomly from the chest. Only 1 voice [Singing Flute] drops per chest so you have to enter the island 3 times to finish.
  • The followup quests after obtaining 3 voice of the forests will tell you to go to Mercia.


Mokoko Seed

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