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1. Characteristic 

2. Skills with Tripods
3. Engrave, Stats

4. Build

PvE-Raid(~T2, T3~)


PvE-Reverse Ruin

PvP-(Solo, 3v3)

5. Gearing and Polishing

1. Characteristic

Official Trailor for Blade

Blade has backattack synergy skills that gives benefits to party ally. But also her DPS is above than average classes.

Even when the battle is going longer total amounts of stacked impairments from blade is really high due to her identity reduce her skills cooldown.

Exact statistic and how they are welcomed in party I will talk at 6. Conclusion part with detail information.

Blade not use demon power inside but use two short sword and one Long sword.

Identity Detail

It is called as Blade Arts

-Blade Arts is buff skill that she can activate then for 10 seconds~ 30 seconds.

-Blade Arts Effect.

-Movespeed 10%+ 

-Attack Speed 10,15,20%+

-DMG 10,20,30%+

-Self Mana Recover 15,25,45%

-Current Skill Cooldown Reduce 10,30,50%

(Except, dash, ultimate, wake up cooldown)

If identity skill button(Z) used once more then Consume all Blade Arts bubbles but can be used burst damage skill named as 

Blade Burst. But Your buff from Blade Arts will be gone too.

Blade Burst and Blade arts Buff actually affected by amounts of bubble you have.

2. Skills with Tripods

Video contains all skills tripods, ultimates try as simple without voice explanation.

(Recommend to set 1.5x play speed it was based streaming base so quite slow)

Blade Skills will be updated as like ->Demonic Parts2 https://infolao.tistory.com/314
#Pictures and Infor Update

This would be simple explanation for necessary points you should know. Check 4. Build part please

## skill explanations still on Progress due to the deadline time let me work on a bit later to finish build and blade guide.

3. Engrave and Stats
For Engrave Explanation Check Yaen's Post Blade Recommended Engraving

You can check how to acquire, what is effect etc.

Stats would be pretty different for each content.

  • PvE-Raid Critical, Agility with Remnant Aura (for more Synergy with Remnant Aura Some people usually mix Speciality Stats)
    There were lots of discussion in KR for Blade like Remnant vs SuperCharge
    So let me clear for it, SuperCharge would make feel great for Blade user with Critical Agility Base stats. since it is fast.
    But, General and All variation Engrave if you are looking for? Remnant Engrave
  • PvE-Cube, Labyrinth, Multiple Enemies - same as above
  • PvP-Solo,3vs3 Agility Subdue
Other Classes Stats? Page 23 https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10g_ieGTOcJF_hsNgp9USx9XfQwNv9zi0R-TePjGTDAw/edit?usp=sharing

4. Build
Please Check Link Comment

  • PvE-Raid(~T2, T3~)

PvP Example of Demonic I will work on Some Short Duration Videos!
#Repleace Video

5. Gearing and Polishing


Google Translate - Sharpening Bonuses - Demonic Page

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