Guardian Raid T4-4: Titalos

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Recommended Team Setup


Optional Items

Scarecrow | Dark Bomb | Molotov | Adrophin | Whirlwind Bomb | Panacea (Removes Petrify CD Debuff)

Recommended Runes

60% Earth Resistance | 100% Earthquake [Disorient] Immunity | 30% Wild Beast Damage

Optional Engravings

Urgent Rescue

General Battle Mechanics

  • Some teams like to use a scarecrow at the beginning of the fight to draw aggro from the boss.

  • They use this time to just dump all their DPS on the boss.

  • Since the boss TPs 2 more times, a scarecrow is used at the 1st encounter and the other 2 TP encounters.

  • The boss enter its 2nd phase after its 1st TP.

  • Usually a scarecrow is saved for when the boss enrages, which will be discussed below.

  • The boss will summon 2 sandstorms shortly after the fight begins.

  • These sandstorms aggro onto players and moves towards them very slowly.

  • Standing in the sandstorms will apply a MS debuff on you. Getting 3 of these stacks will petrify you.

  • After the sandstorms are created, the boss will periodically do an earthquake move as indicated below.

  • Unless you have 100% Earthquake Immunity, you will be shocked for 10 seconds.

  • After a short while of doing the earthquake, the boss will do a one shot move.

  • You can time the one shot move by counting the number of moves the boss does.

  • The boss usually does it after 3 moves used. 

  • If the move animation takes a long time, ex. rolls, it will do it after 2 moves used. 

  • To avoid the one shot, you must stand in the sandstorm to get 3 stacks and get petrified to become invincible.

  • Players can prep 1 or 2 stacks of the debuff to make sure you get 3 stacks in time.

  • The invincibility effect still lasts for a bit after wearing off.

  • In RU, the one shot mechanic, doesn't one shot anymore.

  • Getting petrified gives you a 30 second debuff where you can't get petrified again. In RU, it's if you get hit.

  • If you can't get petrified again before the boss uses its one shot ability, you should run away.

  • Either go into the next area or make sure to run until the boss is on the edge of your minimap.

  • In RU, the one shot mechanic, doesn't one shot anymore.

  • If the boss kills someone during the one shot move, the boss will enrage.

  • The boss's attack speed and damage will increase.

  • The sandstorms disappear and he will not do the earthquake/one shot mechanic anymore.

  • Instead, an AoE will appear around himself and damage all surrounding players.

  • To get the boss back to its normal state, you must knock the boss.

  • Once the boss gets back up, it will lose its AoE and go back to doing normal things.


Bomb (2nd Phase)

  • During the 2nd phase, the boss will start using this move periodically.

  • It has the same telegraph as the sandstorm summon.

  • A circle will spawn on the ground. Unless someone stands on top of the circle, bombs will continually spawn.

  • Typically, the bard or a ranged class stands on the circle.

  • When you get near the bombs, they explode.

Eruption (2nd Phase)

  • It has a telegraph I guess, not like that will help you.

  • So far as I can tell, the AoE's are random. If you're unlucky, you'll just get juggled.

Rolls 1-D

  • Simple telegraph.

  • These types of rolls go in one direction. The safe spot is always right behind the boss.

  • The safe zone decreases when the boss is against the wall and the rolls come out of it.

Rolls 2-D

  • These rolls go in two directions. To account for both 1D and 2D, first stand diagonally to the boss.

  • For the 2D roll, only one roll will appear from behind and go back. Afterwards, no more back rolls appear.

  • So in both situations, safe spot will behind on the bosses back.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.

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