Guardian Raid T3-1: Dark Regi

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Orsted and his guildmates

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General Battle Mechanics

  • Getting hit by magic attacks will apply darkness stacks. Receiving darkness stacks reduces vision.

  • At 4 darkness stacks, Dark Regi will blink and reappear behind the guy and attack with double claws.

  • This attack does a decent amount of damage, so avoid getting too many darkness stacks.

  • Keep the boss pinned to a wall so you do not need to move around much. 

  • Reference below. Boss jumps back to a wall, reducing the need to chase after it.

Non-Combo Moveset


  • Stationary breath attack.

  • The first type is inner rain.
  • The second type is an outer bombardment telegraphed by the boss standing on his hind legs.
  • After the outer, will he do an AoE explosion around himself after it ends, so run away after.

Single Swipe
  • The boss turns around before doing a single swipe. This single swipe always leads into an attack.
Double Swipe (Two Types)
  • The 1st is a double side to side swipe. First swipes clockwise, does a 180, then swipes counterclockwise.
  • Dodge by moving side to side or having a bard shield the team.
  • Double frontal swipe.

Combo Moveset

Charge -> Blink or Backstep

  • Telegraphed by his right leg winding up. (Left from this PoV).

  • If you have a warlord, you can taunt him. Do not taunt him before he rushes.

  • After charging, he can do one of two things. The first thing he can do is a backstep.

  • The other thing he can do is disappear then reappear elsewhere a short duration later after charging.

Backstep -> Breath

  • Backsteps into a breath attack. Make sure to either chase ASAP or run away from the breath.

Blink -> Breath or Double Swipe

  • After blinking, the boss will reappear elsewhere and might use double swipe.

  • After blinking, the boss will reappear elsewhere and might use breath.

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