Main Engravings (Grudge + Arthetine's Technology)

  • These are the two main engravings for Scouter.

Alternative Engravings

  • Legacy of Evolution is an engraving used in lieu of Arthetine's Technology.

  • Blitz Commander can also be a good 3rd engraving when used with Arthetine's Technology.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Awakening + Judge + Aura of Blessing)

  • For more support oriented Holy Knights, Awakening should be at Level 3.

  • Judge Level 1 should suffice just for the faith gauge identity gain.

  • Aura of Blessing can also easily be Level 2.

Alternative Engravings

  • Since the main engravings include 2 class engravings, this frees up an engraving from your ability stone.

  • Along with Awakening on your ability stone, you can also try Spirit Absorption Level 1.

  • If you're a more damage oriented Holy Knight, just use Grudge Level 3.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Super Charge + Lonely Knight)

  • For damage, both Grudge and Super Charge should be Level 3.

  • Lonely Knight is fine at Level 2, but the aim should be Level 3.

Alternative Engravings

  • These are alternative engravings for more defensive oriented Warlords.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Overflowing Sympathy + Senior Summoner)

  • With Overflowing Rapport, pet build summoner is easily one of the top dps in Season 2.

  • Grudge should always be Level 3.

  • Overflowing Rapport can easily be Level 2.

  • Getting Grudge to Level 15 just on ability stone and accessories alone frees up an engraving slot on one of your rings so you are able to get Senior Summoner Level 2.

Alternative Engravings

  • Ability stones don't have class engravings on them, so any of these 3 are good engravings to get along with Grudge.

  • Spirit Absorption is still useful at Level 1 and so is Awakening.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Awakening + Heaven Defying Body)

  • These 3 engravings assumes you will be prioritizing Specialty stat.

  • Both Grudge and Awakening are preferred at Level 3, while Heaven Defying Body should at least be Level 2.

Alternative Engravings

  • Backstab is an alternative engraving to Grudge.

  • The other two are used much less often.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Zenith)

  • Grudge and Zenith should both be Level 3, no question.

Alternative Engravings

  • Blitz Commander is the 3rd most used engraving after Grudge and Zenith.

  • Backstab is a close 4th.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Shock Regeneration + Grudge + Backstab)

  • Grudge and Shock Regeneration are usually desired at Level 3.

  • Shock Regeneration Level 2 is fine, but only if you trade Level 3 Shock Regeneration for Level 3 Backstab.

  • Shock Regeneration increases damage of green skills.

Alternative Engravings

  • Taijutsu can be used in lieu of Shock Regeneration, but is fairly uncommon.

  • Spirit Absorption and Awakening are also uncommon engravings but do see some use.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Death Raid + Sharp Blunt)

  • Grudge and Sharp Blunt are usually level 3 engravings.

  • Death Raid can be the third priority engraving, with level 2 being sufficient.

Alternative Engravings

  • Other combo engravings that can be taken would be Blitz Commander + Spirit Absorption.

  • Super Charge + Awakening are also other possibilities.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Backstab + Enhanced Weapon)

  • Enhanced Weapon only really needs to be level 1 to get most of the effect.

  • Both Grudge and Backstab should be level 3.

Alternative Engravings

  • Sharp Blunt is a good complement to Enhanced Weapon, but Grudge and Backstab are just so much better.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Super Charge + Hammer of Rage + Grudge)

  • Super Charge, Hammer of Rage, and Grudge and the three most popular engravings for Destroyer.

  • Super Charge and Grudge are usually both at level 3, but Hammer of Rage is usually upgraded to be at least level 2.

Alternative Engravings

  • Duel Price can be decent as a lot of destroyer attacks have been changed to be head attacks.

  • Spirit Absorption can further improve non-super charge skills.

  • Barricade is decent as well.

Posted by Yaen
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