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  1. 2020.09.13 Season 2 Recommended Engravings

S2 Recommended Engravings

  • All engraving tiers now require 20 books to advance to the next point tier.
  • Green, blue, purple, and legendary tiers apply +3/+6/+9/+12 points when engraved onto a ring.
  • For example, if you've only used 20 Green Grudge books, you can only apply +3 Grudge points onto a ring.
  • If you use 20 Blue and Purple books, you can now apply +9 Grudge points onto a ring.
  • For the Level 1 engraving effect, you must reach at least +5 points.
  • You can apply the same engraving to both rings. So for example, +3 Grudge on both rings will give you 6 points, allowing you to hit Level 1 Grudge.
  • All accessories can give bonus points towards accessories. All accessories give negative bonus point towards attack power, attack speed, defense, or move speed up to +3 each.
  • Blue accessories give max bonus engraving points of +1. Purple give max bonus points of +2. Legendary and artifact give max bonus points of +3.
  • Green and Blue books can be obtained from Abyss Dungeons, Abyss Raids, Challenge Guardians, Island of Grief, and Cube Golden Stage.
  • Purple books and legendary books can only be obtained from higher tier versions of Abyss Dungeons and Abyss Raids.






Cursed Doll

  • Cursed Doll is kind of a weird engraving right now. The engraving itself provides a hefty boost to DPS, but doesn't count towards the AP gate for certain content like Mystic Raids.

  • It can take the place of Grudge or a class engraving, but not often seen.

Heavy Armor

  • Good defensive engraving for any class.

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