Main Engravings (Grudge + Zenith)

  • Grudge and Zenith should both be Level 3, no question.

Alternative Engravings

  • Blitz Commander is the 3rd most used engraving after Grudge and Zenith.

  • Backstab is a close 4th.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Shock Regeneration + Grudge + Backstab)

  • Grudge and Shock Regeneration are usually desired at Level 3.

  • Shock Regeneration Level 2 is fine, but only if you trade Level 3 Shock Regeneration for Level 3 Backstab.

  • Shock Regeneration increases damage of green skills.

Alternative Engravings

  • Taijutsu can be used in lieu of Shock Regeneration, but is fairly uncommon.

  • Spirit Absorption and Awakening are also uncommon engravings but do see some use.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Death Raid + Sharp Blunt)

  • Grudge and Sharp Blunt are usually level 3 engravings.

  • Death Raid can be the third priority engraving, with level 2 being sufficient.

Alternative Engravings

  • Other combo engravings that can be taken would be Blitz Commander + Spirit Absorption.

  • Super Charge + Awakening are also other possibilities.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Backstab + Enhanced Weapon)

  • Enhanced Weapon only really needs to be level 1 to get most of the effect.

  • Both Grudge and Backstab should be level 3.

Alternative Engravings

  • Sharp Blunt is a good complement to Enhanced Weapon, but Grudge and Backstab are just so much better.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Super Charge + Hammer of Rage + Grudge)

  • Super Charge, Hammer of Rage, and Grudge and the three most popular engravings for Destroyer.

  • Super Charge and Grudge are usually both at level 3, but Hammer of Rage is usually upgraded to be at least level 2.

Alternative Engravings

  • Duel Price can be decent as a lot of destroyer attacks have been changed to be head attacks.

  • Spirit Absorption can further improve non-super charge skills.

  • Barricade is decent as well.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Complete Inhibition)

  • There are the two most popular engravings for Demonic.

Alternative Engravings

  • These 4 engravings are also viable.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Enhanced Firepower and Grudge)

  • Grudge and Enhanced Firepower and the two main engravings used among the top blasters according to

Alternative Engravings

  • Sharp Blunt and Spirit Absorption are the next two popular engravings after the two above.

  • Awakening and Barricade and seen less, but are also viable.

  • Bombardment is useful for cube, but who is going to buy engravings just for cube.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Super Charge + Backstab + Remnant Aura)

  • Grudge/Backstab and Super Charge are equally used among the top 200 Blades according to

  • Remnant Aura is not as popular as the other 3 engravings, and when it is seen, it's only Level 1.

Alternative Engravings

  • These are uncommon engravings that are seen in top Blades.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Berserkers Killer Move + Awakening)

  • Grudge and Berserker's Killer Move are the two best engravings for Berserker.

  • With Berserkers Killer Move you don't experience the 30 second fatigue after identity.

  • Since you only really need the Level 1 Effect of Berserker's Killer Move, Awakening becomes a good 3rd engraving, especially if you're putting most of your stats into specialty, as you should be doing.

Alternative Engravings

  • If Grudge or Awakening is not available, you can always go for Backstab or Cursed Doll.

Posted by Yaen

Main Engravings (Grudge + Backstab)

  • Grudge and Backstab are by far the most popular engravings right now in season 2 for Battlemaster.

  • Sharp Blunt and Beginner's Mind are the 3rd and 4th most popular engraving, but their popularity is a third of Grudge and Backstab among the highest 200 ilvl Battlemasters.

Alternative Engravings

  • If you have no access to any of those engravings above, these three should also suffice.

Posted by Yaen

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