Mystic Abyss Raid Phase 2 

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Optional Items

Whirlwind Bomb

Mystic Phase 2 Mechanics

  • Players will split into teams of 2 to take down 2 bosses.

  • The fire boss (top area) will have more health than the ice boss so it's recommended to lean towards having more DPS in that team.

  • The ice boss (bottom area) will have impairment mechanics so it's recommended to lean towards having more impairment classes on that team.

  • Both bosses must be killed within 10 seconds of each other so communication within the team is priority. If 10 seconds passes, the bosses regain health and you must attempt the same mechanic all over again.

Cooperative Mechanics
  • The ice golem will periodically do its impairment mechanic. It pushes players away and an icicle wall spawns around him. You must impair the boss during this time.

  • If you fail the impairment, a flame platform will spawn for the team fighting the fire golem.

  • The AoE lasts for a long time, but will never lower your health below 1.

  • If this happens, just focus on avoiding attacks and use pots after the flame AoE is over.

  • The fire golem team likewise must also do their own mechanic. The boss will periodically jump. You must make sure the boss lands near the flame circle in the middle of the platform.

  • The safe spots for the jump is right outside the landing location.

  • If done successfully, circles spawn for the ice golem team. These circles remove the debuff stacks that the ice golem team accumulates.

  • If the player acquires too many stacks (I think its 4), you get frozen and the boss will try to clap you.
  • The infighter in this video is outside of the clap hitbox.

Ice Golem Patterns


  • Summons clone, teleports somewhere else. Clone will explode after a while, dealing damage around it.

  • Also does this when someone is frozen.

Back Cone

  • Telegraphed by putting down boths arms inwards right under its icicle crotch. Cone AoE backwards.

Front Cone

  • Different from back cone telegraph as both arms are put down further apart to its sides. Cone AoE forward.


  • I don't know what the fuck the telegraph is for this shit.

Some Ice Thing

  • One hand up to charge an attack. Then slams down. No attack to the sides.

Some Huge Ice Thing

  • Both hands up to charge an attack. Slams down in middle, two AoE's follow after to the side.


  • Hands up. Then slam.


  • Kneels before charging.

Fire Golem Patterns


  • Telegraph is the right hand slamming down. The boss attempts two bowling balls from the right hand.

  • Run counterclockwise to avoid.


  • Targets a person in melee range. Can do it 3 consecutive times if the target stays in melee range.

  • AoEs appear after every slam.

King Kong

  • Slams chest, then runs forward.


  • Roars then lunges.



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Mystic Abyss Raid Phase 1 

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Optional Items

Fire Bomb | Whirlwind Bomb


Mystic Phase 1 Mechanics

  • A purple cloud will radiate outwards from him. 3-4 players will get frozen.

  • After a certain amount of time, the boss will then do a special line attack in front of the two crystals he has. It will one shot.

  • The only person you really need to break out of the freeze is the person in the path of the boss. The others will eventually get out. If all 3 are in the line of the boss, consider throwing fire bombs on them.

  • Consider using a fire bomb to help with breaking out teammates.

  • Don't attack the boss when he does this. Pet autos are ok. Too much damage and it will do a high damage AoE outwards. Always important to recognize this attack.

Blue Phase

  • During the fight, the boss may turn blue. It will radiate a blue fog. This gives access to new attacks and a new mechanic.

  • A blue circle will also appear. Make sure to always get the boss out of the circle when you see the blue phase transition. If the boss stays inside this circle for too long, it will do a devastating attack.

  • Only used during blue phase. Boss screams, then geysers appear.

Tail Swipe
  • Upgraded version of the normal tail swipe the boss has access too. The only new thing is that 3 geysers randomly appear near him, most likely in the back.

  • Telegraphed by a brief flight into the air and then the tail slamming down. Always swings counterclockwise.

  • Front leg slam into multiple AoE.

Purple Phase
  • During the fight, the boss may turn purple. It will radiate a purple fog.

  • On transition and regular intervals, some players will have a purple fog appear around them.

  • The AoEs behave much like Akates's circles. AoEs will appear on the players location after the fog disappears.

  • Players should always run towards the edge. Too many stacks and they will stun you.

  • Rare attack. 4 AoEs drop according to the boss's cardinal directions. Head, right wing, tail, left wing.

  • Shoots three times into the air. Targets 2 players. 3 balls continuously fall on those 2 players.

Breath 1
  • Becomes airborne. Breath goes counterclockwise.

  • Does damage at landing location.

Breath 2
  • Head arches up briefly, then breath goes clockwise.

  • Likes doing tail swipes after teleporting.

Slam Rain
  • Slams, then 3 AoEs come down.

Snake Swipe
360 Tail Swipe
Claw Swipe
  • Preps by turning to the left (Boss PoV), then swiping right.

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Spirit of the Necromancer 
  • Tier 1 Abyss Dungeons are fairly easy and the mechanics are simple.

  • The 1st boss in this abyss dungeon is Garum, and the 2nd is Sigmund.

  • This guide will focus on the mechanics of each boss first, since most readers only watch mechanics anyway.

  • The patterns and telegraphs of each boss will come after.

Garum Mechanic

Gaze of Death

  • On consistent intervals, an AoE from Garum will spread outwards. This AoE applies death stacks, appearing both on your debuff bar and displayed as number of orbs above your head.

  • Gaining 5 death stacks will kill you.

  • Every time Garum does this AoE, he spawns a golden orb that a player can pick up to remove all debuff stacks.

  • So the order in which players pick up the orb is by party order, making sure that no party member ever goes above 4 stacks.

  • Example:  1st Gaze -> Player 1, 2nd Gaze -> P2, 3rd -> P3, 4th -> P4, 5th -> P1, etc.

Sigmund Mechanic


  • When Sigmund gets to lethal health, he will become invincible and flash a gray or red AoE outwards.

  • He will then spawn 2 orbs at 12 o'clock, 2 at 3 o'clock, 2 at 6 o'clock, and 2 at 9 o'clock. 1 orb will be red, the other will be gray. Each party member will be assigned a clock position.

  • You must take the orb whose color matches the color that was flashed.

  • Taking 4 of the correct orbs makes the boss go back to 11 health bars. The process then repeats.

  • A total of 8 correct orbs taken will kill the boss.

  • Below are examples of the gray and red flashes.


  • Impair or die.

Garum Patterns

Swipe AoE

  • Swipe, AoE at swipe location, then outer AoE.

Tail Swipe

  • Swipes tail, then an AoE appears after.


  • The cones are random and will appear on either side. Three in a row.



Charge Swipe

Sigmund Patterns


  • Teleports away, usually out of screen, then charges a very slow AoE.

Backstep into AoE

Some Arm Thing IDK

  • Can do it after backstep or TP. Arms pointing towards aggroed target. AoE then spawns on target. 


  • Can do it after backstep or TP. Slams in front of himself, 4 meteors fall down. 8 mini fireballs spread out from 1 meteor location.

Charge into AoE

X Orbs

8 Orb (After 4 orbs are collected during mechanic)

  • Does 8 orbs on 2nd pattern.


  • He kind of does this arm where like he's mixing something in a drink. Then some things go up, then after a short duration, come back down as AoEs.



  • Can do it after TP or Backstep. Arm goes up and spins, then brings it down.


Persistent Aoe

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Valley of Beasts Guide 

  • Tier 1 Abyss Dungeons are fairly easy and the mechanics are simple.

  • The 1st boss is Vazzla the Fallen. The 2nd boss is Skrill.

  • This guide will focus on the mechanics of each boss first, since most readers only watch mechanics anyway.

  • The patterns and telegraphs of each boss will come after.

Vazzla the Fallen Mechanic

Aggro Mechanic

  • When you get the mark above your head, make sure to run to the side of the map. After a short time, the boss will spawn a persistent AoE on top of the aggroed target's head.

  • To reset the persistent AoEs, you must impair the boss. Afterwards all AoEs on the map disappear.

Skrill Mechanic


  • Hey, I don't come up with these names. Sometimes I take some liberty with the naming, but this time it's not me.

  • It's hard for me to figure out whether this debuff you get comes from getting hit by the boss (randomly comes up sometimes), or from when the AoE wears off from teammates (I forgot to enable skill effects when recording). 

  • I'm not sure whether the exploitation debuff is related to the Absorb buffs or he just gains it over time. This is because the boss doesn't get stacks sometimes when the debuff runs out on myself.

  • Either way, when the boss obtains 6 stacks in total, he enters this mechanic.

  • Four orbs spawn at clock positions 12, 3, 6, and 9. As a group, figure out which orb you're starting at and go to it. The boss will automatically teleport onto an aggroed party member and spin. The boss will then spin and kill the orb. The orb will impair the boss.

  • Do this 4 times, once at each position, and the mechanic will be over. If you're somehow unsure if the boss has killed the orb, you can always check debuff stack on the boss. It's the icon on the right with the explosion image.

Vazzla the Fallen Patterns



  • Jumps and does a landing AoE. Right after, does another AoE on the outside.


Skrill Patterns

Double Cone

  • 2 Mines show up on the safe spots after the cone AoE.

  • After TP, does a claw attack. After the claw attack, has a chance to do a spin.


  • Hands up.
Single Cone



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Island of Grief

Island Heart

  • The Island Heart is an RNG drop from the boss inside the dungeon.

  • There is a hidden quest inside the dungeon that rewards extra merchant tokens. Refer to the following mokoko seed pictures to learn how to obtain it.

Mokoko Seed

T2 Jewels Max 10 | T3 Jewels Max 5

Green Max 7 | Blue Max 5 | Purple Max 3

Gold Max 2 | Breakthrough Boxes Max 50

'Unsorted > Collectibles Unsorted' 카테고리의 다른 글

Whispering Small Island  (0) 2020.08.05
Shadow Moon Market [Wonder Island]  (0) 2020.08.05
Gisbro  (0) 2020.08.05
Island of Blue Wind [Echo Island]  (0) 2020.08.04
Duki (Dooky) Corporation  (0) 2020.08.04
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Main Engravings (Grudge + Arthetine's Technology)

  • These are the two main engravings for Scouter.

Alternative Engravings

  • Legacy of Evolution is an engraving used in lieu of Arthetine's Technology.

  • Blitz Commander can also be a good 3rd engraving when used with Arthetine's Technology.

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Main Engravings (Awakening + Judge + Aura of Blessing)

  • For more support oriented Holy Knights, Awakening should be at Level 3.

  • Judge Level 1 should suffice just for the faith gauge identity gain.

  • Aura of Blessing can also easily be Level 2.

Alternative Engravings

  • Since the main engravings include 2 class engravings, this frees up an engraving from your ability stone.

  • Along with Awakening on your ability stone, you can also try Spirit Absorption Level 1.

  • If you're a more damage oriented Holy Knight, just use Grudge Level 3.

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Main Engravings (Grudge + Super Charge + Lonely Knight)

  • For damage, both Grudge and Super Charge should be Level 3.

  • Lonely Knight is fine at Level 2, but the aim should be Level 3.

Alternative Engravings

  • These are alternative engravings for more defensive oriented Warlords.

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Main Engravings (Grudge + Overflowing Sympathy + Senior Summoner)

  • With Overflowing Rapport, pet build summoner is easily one of the top dps in Season 2.

  • Grudge should always be Level 3.

  • Overflowing Rapport can easily be Level 2.

  • Getting Grudge to Level 15 just on ability stone and accessories alone frees up an engraving slot on one of your rings so you are able to get Senior Summoner Level 2.

Alternative Engravings

  • Ability stones don't have class engravings on them, so any of these 3 are good engravings to get along with Grudge.

  • Spirit Absorption is still useful at Level 1 and so is Awakening.

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Main Engravings (Grudge + Awakening + Heaven Defying Body)

  • These 3 engravings assumes you will be prioritizing Specialty stat.

  • Both Grudge and Awakening are preferred at Level 3, while Heaven Defying Body should at least be Level 2.

Alternative Engravings

  • Backstab is an alternative engraving to Grudge.

  • The other two are used much less often.

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