Guardian Raid T3-2: Regioros Brothers

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Recommended Team Setup


Optional Weapons

Fire Weapon (Ice Regioros) | Light Weapon (Dark Regioros)


Optional Runes

Water/Dark Resistance

General Battle Mechanics

  • Their attack speed has increased but their attacks have not changed.

  • The bosses will periodically teleport every minute unless being engaged in battle.

  • One person handles Dark Regioros and the others with fire weapon handle Frost Regioros.

  • After Frost Regioros has died, the 3 go and help kill Dark Regioros.

  • If you see both bosses at the same position, wait until 19:00, so they will teleport away.

  • If during the battle, a boss TP's away onto the other, just run away and wait for the next minute to come.

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