Guardian Raid T2-4: Berutooth

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Recommended Team Setup



Optional Items

Panacea | Whirlwind Bomb

Recommended Runes

Water Resistance | Stun Immunity (100%)

General Battle Mechanics

  • The boss will run away automatically when it reaches 70% and 40% health.

  • The boss enters its 3rd phase at 30% health.

  • The boss's 2nd phase is barely any different from its 1st phase, so I will not be differentiating them.

  • The boss will periodically turn red during each phase as shown below.

  • You can accelerate this phase by knocking the boss.
  • If the boss is not red when you knocked him initially, he will turn red after getting back up.
  • If you've knocked the boss when it has already turned red, it's recovery attack will be a jumpback.
  • The tail is able to be cut during this time, but it is not worth it because it just accelerates him to Phase 3.
  • The boss will periodically try grabbing players. The telegraph is easy to notice and the arcana below dodges it.

  • If players get CC'd, they are priority targets for getting grabbed.

  • When someone gets grabbed, make sure to use as much impairment skills to break him free ASAP.
  • During the boss's 3rd phase, any player he CC's, will be a priority target for his Charge attack.
  • This CC includes his tail swipe and his freeze bomb.
  • The boss has a high tendency to telegraph who his next aggroed target is and who he will use his next attack on. When he has chosen a target to attack, he will "slide" to face him and use a skill as shown below.


Tail Swipe

  • One of Beru's most annoying moves especially for melee is his tail swipe attack because it stuns you.

  • It's telegraphed by him swaying his tail in the direction of the swipe before attacking.


  • When running away, it's ideal to run away together in a group so that there is less downtime for attacks.

  • If a teammate is lagging behind, that person should just run in another direction because the boss might pop out beneath them.

  • Safest option is running in 4 directions away from each other.


  • Easily telegraphed.

Freeze Bomb

  • Screams and AoE circles appear. Frozen players have a high chance of getting grabbed.


  • Sucks in players then breaths them away.


  • Easily telegraphed.

Claw Swipe

  • Double claw swipe. Easily telegraphed.


  • Easily telegraphed.

Ice Ball

  • Easily telegraphed.

  • During the 3rd phase, the iceball becomes triple.

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