Guardian Raid T2-3: Hellgaia

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Recommended Team Setup


Heavy Impairment

Optional Items

Panacea | Talisman | Whirlwind Bomb

Recommended Runes

Fire Resistance | Burn Immunity

General Battle Mechanics

  • Most of Hellgaia's attacks apply a burn debuff which can stack.

  • Gaining too many burn debuffs will make your health disappear relatively quickly.

  • Use a panacea in case that ever happens to remove the debuff.

  • Every 40 to 50 seconds, Hellgaia will try to evolve. The team must use their impairment skills to interrupt.

  • If you fail to break the boss, the boss will create an AoE explosion around him.

  • Hellgaia has two evolutions.

  • Each successful break on an evolve attempt makes the next attempt by Hellgaia harder to break.

  • Most teams on Korean release did 431, i.e. Break the first 4 evolves, let it evolve, break the next 3 evolves,let it evolve, break.

  • I don't know how much easier it is now to break Hellgaia on RU.

  • During the time you want to let him evolve, have a bard either ult so you can keep damaging the boss.

  • Either that or all of you run away from the boss. Sometimes a bard shield may even be enough.

  • There are 3 phases, with the 2nd and 3rd phase adding a new move and an upgraded move.

  • The sequence goes like this: 1st phase -> evolve -> 2nd phase -> evolve -> 3rd phase.

  • After it evolves 2 times, it won’t try to evolve anymore. You must knock the boss ASAP.

  • After you knock the boss, the boss will do a sky attack, then shout before running away.

  • Having it run away resets it back to the 1st phase.

  • If your team don't have enough impairment, consider doing 331 or maybe even less breaks.
  • Other variations include 401, where you try and reset the boss asap to the 1st phase.
  • This is because the sky attacks during 2nd phase are one of the most annoying attacks in his kit.

Moveset (1st Phase)

Swipes (2 Types)

  • Tail swipe. Safe area is right up on Hellgaia's butt. The damage cone is away from the butt.

  • Wing swipe. Again, the safe area is right on Hellgaia's butt.

Beak Attacks (2 Types)

  • Single beak attack which sends you flying up to the bosses backside.

  • Double peck on the ground which staggers.


  • Fires a projectile.


  • If you're caught at the front, it will send you flying backwards at the end of the attack.

Moveset (2nd Phase) (Inherits 1st Phase Moveset)

Upgraded Fireball

  • Single fireball turns into three.

Sky Attack

  • If you're standing directly on Hellgaia's butt, you will have an annoying time trying to dodge this attack.

  • Her body blocks you if you try dashing through her.

  • Best to stay on the left side or right side of the butt.

  • This way you can still back attack and dash perpendicular to the boss.

Moveset (3rd Phase) (Inherits 2nd Phase Moveset)

Upgraded Charge

  • This upgraded charge leaves a trail of fire.
  • Hellgaia will slowly ascend into the sky and bombard you with fire. 
  • Use the nearest ladder or rope to move to another area unless you're super confident in dodging its attacks. Its attacks won't hurt you there.
  • After a short time it will land.

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